What you see is not always what you get.

But you knew that, didn’t you? Or at least suspected. If you have ever bought a frozen or otherwise packaged meal, chances are the actual food did not live up to what the picture on the box promised. A bunch of Germans behind the Verbung gegen realität (Advertising vs. reality) website had noticed the same thing, and with almost proverbial German thoroughness they have gone through exactly 100 ready-mades of all kinds, taken pictures of the packaging, cooked the food according to instructions, and finally photographed the often pretty pathetic result. The pictures are organized in sets of three (example above) where everyone can compare what you’re promised with what you actually get. The food in the project comes from German stores, but we don’t think the assortment in your or our store is much different. Take a few minutes and look through the gallery before you go grocery shopping next time! Bon appétit!brbr

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