Unusual Footwear Design: Technical Crocs?

Footwear brand Crocs and fashion brand Bodega have teamed up on an unusual shoe: The All-Terrain “NICT-TECH” Clog. Inspired by nictitating membranes (the translucent secondary eyelids some animals have beneath their main eyelids), Bodega’s designers pictured a similarly fast-deploying membrane that would serve a function. They conceived of a pouch that would straddle the top of the shoe:

They then designed a retractable hood concealed beneath the pouch that could be deployed in times of rain.

The result: “A woven nylon pouch featuring heritage branding, a rugged zip pull, and adjustable bungee toggle, as well as a retractable woven nylon hood secured by snaps and a toe anchor.”

The $90 Bodega x Crocs All-Terrain “NICT-TECH” Clog will be released on Friday, April 12th at 12pm EST.

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