Two wheel drive off-road motor cycle.

How on Earth do you make a 2WD motor bike?i Well, the front wheel gets its power through a drive shaft that runs through the frame via a knot joint under the handle bars to a gear box right above the front fender. From there the power is distributed via a chain, just like the one on the back wheel. The Rokon bike is not like any other. It is a work horse without the fancy stuff featured on many other bikes. It has no speedometer, no odometer, no fuel gauge and no warning lights. Nowadays it has a spring loaded seat, but this was an option for many years. You start it with a pull string, like a lawn mower or an old outboard motor. On the other hand, the Rokon bikes have a bunch of other smart features. The front disc brake is placed behind the front light, hidden from dirt and moisture. The hitch (of course they can pull a trailer) is movable to allow the back wheel to be in contact with the ground at all times, and the wheels are hollow to allow storage of extra fuel or drinking water (between 3.17 and 4.5 gallons depending on wheel size. You could also cross a stream by letting the bike float across. The motor is a 6.6 hp four-stroke. It is not exactly a racer, but torque and power has been the priority, here. The Rokon is popular among hunters and fishermen, and it has also been used by US Special Forces in both Vietnam and the Gulf. Brazilian and Jordanian Special Forces have also acquired the bike. A Rokon Trail-Breaker is about SEK 60,000:- (plus VAT) in Sweden (That is about USD 9,000:-). More on Rokon USA.

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