Two ways to keep a tidy car tidy.

We had an e-mail from Tony B. the other day. Tony is the inventor of EasyBin (left), and he wanted to let us know about his invention. Around the same time, we had found the Car Bin on the British Lakeland web-shop, but had not posted on it yet. So here’s a double whammy directed at all the messy cars of the world. You know who you are. The Car Bin is waterproof and washable. The Easybin has individual plastic bags that you tear off and discard when they are filled with candy wrappers, banana skins and other trash. The Car Bin is to be hung from a hook or knob in the car. The Easybin has its own hanger. The Car Bin is GBP 4:- (about USD 8:-). The EasyBin is SEK 79:- (about USD 13:-) for a starter kit with holder and 15 bags. A refill kit with 15 new bags is SEK 39:- (about USD 6:50) Which is your favorite?brbr

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