Trash can with with solar powered compactor.

As we drink more and more soft-drinks, beers and bottled water, eat more junk food and read more free dailies, the trash mounts up in our cities. And to add to the mess, at least the people of Stockholm seem to have increasing difficulties in finding a suitable waste bin. If you do not believe us, visit Hötorget (a central city square) on a saturday- or sunday morning. It looks a lot like the picture on the left. The Stockholm City Council are currently running a pretty lame campaign to teach people to find the city’s trash cans, but this may be a better idea. This is BigBelly, the trash can with it’s own solar powered compactor. Thanks to the compactor, it can hold four times as much trash, and thanks to solar power it does not need any external power. The result? Well, according to a list of American cities that have bought and used the BigBellies, they have saved on trash collection costs and their streets are significantly cleaner. In our neck of the woods, it may work only in the summer, but on the other hand that is when the trash problem is the worst…brbr

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