Top Ten Top Tens

These are the Top Ten reasons why I’ll click on a link that has a Top Ten anything: 

  1. Turns Out: I’m a reasonably intelligent person that loves pop culture. 
  2. Paris Hilton (or not. pick your favorite celebretard and we’ll go with that) 
  3. Best Game Ever? Fight amongst yourselves. 
  4. I Love Cracked. 
  5. I Want to Bitch About How Their Top Ten Wasn’t Knowledgeable Enough. (Welcome to the Club) 
  6. Vh1 Has Brainwashed Me Into Oblivion. 
  7. I Am Very Interested in That Field. 
  8. I Have No Life. 
  9. I Wanna See What’s the Best. 
  10. I Love the Mystique.
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