Too Cool For School: Cute School Supplies

imageGoing back to school means you’re about to have your brain jogging at high speed: cute clothes, cute boys, and something you should definitely think about before heading back to school, cute school supplies. Get your hands on some of the coolest things to get you through the reading, writing and arithmetic of the school year. For those of us like Kathleen Kelly of “You’ve Got Mail” who love the smell of freshly sharpened pencils, back to school season has an air of excitement all its own beginning with the scavenger hunt-like school supply lists. Sure, you could fulfill the the teacher’s requirements with your older sister’s tattered, floppy folders, but the cuter option of getting the newest and trendiest takes on drab wooden rulers and plain silver scissors make the thought of nine months of homework seem bearable! Take a peek at some school supply suggestions that will make you smile through your academic agonies!

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