This Season’s Hottest Shoes Mix Leather And Lace

imageAs if you need any new additions to your “Shoes I Must Have NOW” list, the latest invasion of sexy footwear is more flirty than ever. Lace details, cut-outs, and overlays are popping up everywhere, in both high-end and affordable brands, from demure J. Crew ballet flats to seriously fierce peep-toe booties by Stuart Weitzman. While lace and leather may more commonly conjure up visions of risque lingerie, and let’s face it — those see-through excuses for lace pants are better suited as a doily than on an actual person (unless you’re Lady GaGa), lace-embellished shoes are hot because they bring a certain sexiness without making you feel exposed. After all, a little peep-toe peepshow never hurt anyone! Check out the slideshow for some of the my favorite lacy shoes!

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