The world’s 50 best restaurants according to S.Pellegrino.

Mineral water firm S.Pellegrino, together with a bunch of others, have come out with a list of the world’s fifty best restaurants. The list is an orgy in food pr0n for the culinary crowd, us included. And, to our delight, we discover that there’s a Swedish among the fifty; the Oaxen Skärgårdskrog, a really nice place indeed. What we don’t understand, however, is why the two in our opinion best Swedish restaurants; Edsbacka Krog (two Michelin stars) and Mathias Dahlgren, are not on the list… Anyway, according to S.Pellegrino, the best restaurant in Europe (and the World) is Spanish El Bulli (chef-patron Ferran Adrià in the middle of the top row). The second and third best restaurants are British The Fat Duck and French Pierre Gagnaire respectively. Want to see more of the world’s best eating places? See our list of the fifty complete with links after the jump.brbr

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