The "Predator Prius" is for Hunting Things Other Than Parking Spaces

If we carnivores all hunted our own food, that would be better for the planet than factory farming. Yet every hunter I’ve seen down here drives a gas-guzzling truck, offsetting the carbon savings.

At least one hunter in Texas, however, has decided to reduce their footprint with this modified hunting vehicle:

This “Predator Prius” was commissioned by a client of Starwood Motors, a Dallas-based car customizer whose goal is to “surprise the hell out of every customer,” they write.

“This job was like nothing we’ve ever done before! We cut the rear hatch completely away, custom fabricated a bench seat and platform complete with gun mounts in its place, added a winch-cargo rack to the front with spare tire cage mounted to the roof and finished it off with our Sarge Green Starwood Signature Finish!”

The ground clearance can’t match a truck, of course, but the company points out there is an advantage when rolling into prey territory: “They’ll never hear you coming.”

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