The needle that opens wide.

We’re not sure wether this is a concept or if this needle can be ordered from somewhere. Of it’s a concept we’d like someone to start manufacture as soon as possible. If it’s an existing product we’d like to order a few. The last time we were re-fastening a loose shirt button, finding the eye of the needle with the end of the thread made us break out in a sweat. And it’s not going to get any easier as time goes by, is it? The Big Eye Needle, as it is called, is supposed to be an ordinary sewing needle, except that is is made from some new metal alloy allows the eye-part to expand to the size of a button hole with a slight pressure. There’s no information regarding cost, but our source says the inventor’s name is Woo Moon-Hyung. Those clever Koreans…br
PS. With this post we wish all our lovely readers a pleasant holiday. We’ll be back after Christmas Day with a new and hopefully interesting invention or idea. Until then;br
MERRY CHRISTMAS from the Smart Stuff crew! /Ed.brbr

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