The handwritten issue

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Even though I create this magazine for you, my lovely readers, the origin of each issue is very personal. The themes are always ones that I’m excited to explore; the topics are ones I want to learn about. They’re often inspired by my own creative interests or things happening in my life. 

For this issue, I was inspired by my son Finley who is learning cursive handwriting in school. It has been so fulfilling to see him expand his communication skills through handwriting and he has written an article about what it is like to learn cursive. It’s a lovely companion to all the wonderful reader handwriting submissions that are included in this issue—many of you fondly recall your early days of learning how to handwrite, and how your personality emerged through  your lettering.

Watching my son learn to handwrite, though, has shown me how out of touch I’ve become with my own handwriting—so I’ve also challenged myself to handwrite the article titles throughout this issue. So not only are the topics personal but their presentation is, too. It’s an exercise that puts my mark on the issue in a very tangible way—to let my handwriting be natural, flawed, imperfect… me. 

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