Swing Skirt


by Ariston Anderson

While waiting for a train, hanging in a park or simply wanting to take a playful break throughout the day, Rachel Griffin’s hand-knotted swing skirt is an outfit that becomes an insta-swing anywhere, anytime. All that’s needed is something sturdy to anchor the ropes and a love for keeping life interesting.

We were a bit skeptical on how functional this swing could be, but Rachel, a designer working in the Netherlands, assures us, “The skirt ropes are indeed practical to toss anywhere. The two points of attachment—the rope to the skirt, and the skirt to the tree—use variations on a rock-climbing knot called the prusik, which simultaneously allows for adjustable swing height and strength. As such, you can tie it to anything from trees to scaffolding to architectural elements—anything with a horizontal beam strong enough to hold your weight.” We’re sold. Never again will we be left without a seat on the subway.


Although the piece was made as a one-off, Rachel is considering mass-producing the skirt. Price is upon request, see her site for more info.

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