Stylehive’s Stylescopes Predict Your Perfect Party Shoes!

imageOffice potlucks, family gatherings and festive times with old friends and new acquaintances are written in the stars for all of us and this means that you’ll be needing to plan some real show-stopping outfits. One thing that we don’t need the stars to tell us is that there’s usually copious amounts of rich and delicious foods involved during this time and putting on a form fitting, body-con outfit just doesn’t seem like a good idea. Stick with a simple, chic and maybe slightly looser ensemble and really dazzle the crowd with accessories and shoes. So whether you’re meeting with close pals for a cozy dinner like family and friend-loving Capricorn, or busy being the life of a party like voracious Leo, just click on the slideshow to see what pair of pretty party shoes the planets have found as your perfect finishing touch for the holidays!

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