Stylehive’s Stylescopes Keep You Fashionable In Faux Fur!

imageWith all of the faux-fur options out there, it’s easy to stay warm and toasty in the fall/winter season. The planets predict that no matter what it is you may be doing, this week involves a lot of time spent outdoors. Whether it’s running errands, last minute business trips, or just hanging out with friends, a little faux-fur will help ward off the chill in the air. Faux fur vests aren’t the only fashionably fuzzy items available and after consulting the stars, Stylescopes has been able to find which faux fur item is right for you! Gemini, your jeans would look great paired with some boots with fur trim. A whole torso covered in faux-fur maybe a little much for the dreamy Pisces so stick to something simple, like a stole to wrap around your shoulders. No matter your style and no matter what the stars have in store for you this week, stay cozy with faux fur! Click on the slideshow to see which faux fur item has been deemed best for you and your star sign!

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