Sponsor a water purifier for just USD 25:-.

Vestergaard Frandsen, who created the smart Lifestraw water purifier, has taken their technology one step further and developed a family version; the Lifestraw Family. After recently delivering 75 Hippo Rollers in Africa, Project H Design has started a project to fund 100 Lifestraw Family units for a slum community in Mumbai (used to be Bombay) in India. For no more than USD 25:- you can sponsor one system for one family, and the water purifiers will be delivered and installed this summer by Project H Design. In a world where more than a billion people lack dependable drinking water, and where each year five million die from water related diseases this is an opportunity for anyone to make a difference. The Lifestraw Family can clean at least 10 liters of water an hour and more than 10,000 liters in the span of the units life span. That means an average family can have 18 months worth of clean water for a measly 25:- bucks.brbr

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