Splash proof recipe holder.

The makers of Clipline sent us a sample some time back, but we have frankly had a hard time figuring out what we would want to do with it. The Clipline consists of a sheet of plexiglas a wooden holder (available in lots of sizes and colors) and screws to put it up. You screw the holder and the sheet of plexi to the wall and – presto! – you have a picture holder that allows easy exchange of pictures. We do not feel any urgent need to put photos on our walls, but if we had had a brick-and-mortar store, we would have used it for display purposes. After some thinking, however, we have figured out what we would want to use it for – as a recipe holder on the back-splash. This version takes A4-paper (the size we use to print recipes from the ‘net) and it is SEK 250:- (approx. USD 35:50) on Clipline’s website.brbr

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