Sony’s new BRAVIA speakers are like wearing a home theater around your neck

No it isn’t a neck pillow, and it isn’t even one of those wearable air conditioners, the BRAVIA Theater U is – wait for it… a neckphone. Sort of like a headphone but not placed on your head, the Theater U is Sony’s alternative to booming soundbars and complicated home theater setups. If speakers are for human ears to listen to, why not just directly place them near your ears to begin with? The Theater U immerses you in 360° spatial sound without immersing your entire house. Wear it around your neck, pair it with a device using either a cable or Bluetooth, and the Theater U brings great audio to your ears without blocking the entire world out. Moreover, you can pair multiple neck-speakers to the same playback device like your TV, so that more than one person can listen to a movie or TV show at any given point in time.

Designer: Sony

This isn’t the first attempt at a neckband speaker, but Sony is incorporating its latest tech to create a compelling option. The key feature is Sony’s X-Balanced speaker unit, housed in a lightweight and flexible design. This unit promises clear acoustics and powerful sound pressure for a rich and satisfying listening experience.

But the real magic lies in the 360 Spatial Sound Personalizer. This tech, combined with compatible BRAVIA TVs, creates a customized Dolby Atmos experience. Essentially, the speaker tailors the sound to your unique head shape for a truly immersive effect. It’s like having a personal mini home theater draped around your neck. Given its proximity to your ears, you don’t need to crank up the volume to hear sounds the way you would an actual speaker system – this means fairly personal listening that won’t disturb anyone else beyond a certain radius.

The BRAVIA Theater U’s versatility extends well beyond movie nights. With an IPX4 splash-proof rating, you can wear it worry-free during light workouts or even take it poolside (just be mindful of splashes). Built-in voice pickup technology ensures clear communication during calls, making it a handy companion for work-from-home video conferences.

The speaker boasts Bluetooth connectivity for seamless pairing with various devices, not just your BRAVIA TV. Think laptops, tablets, and smartphones – you can use it for gaming, listening to music, or watching videos on the go. And for those who want to share the immersive experience, the Speaker Add function lets you connect another BRAVIA Theater U for a synchronized audio experience with a friend.

Battery life is a respectable 12 hours on a single charge, with a quick-charge function that delivers an hour of playback with just a 10-minute plug-in. This makes it ideal for extended movie marathons or long commutes.

The Sony BRAVIA Theater U Wireless Neckband Speaker is available for pre-order now for $299.99, fairly decent considering it’s replacing soundbars which are priced in the same range, but giving you the benefit of portability. While it might not be for everyone, it offers a unique and innovative way to experience immersive audio without disturbing those around you.

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