Smart tourniquet can be applied with one hand.

Everybody knows you should apply pressure to stop a severe blood flow, for instance from a nasty cut or a bullet wound. But applying a tourniquet has never been as easy as it sounds, in particular if you are the one that has been wounded. The device in the picture, MAT (Mechanical Advantage Tourniquet), has been developed to help solve this, and it could prove to be a life saver. It is simple to apply, just hook it up around the injured limb, tighten, and turn the dial until the flow of blood is stopped. The MAT won a gold medal in IDEA 2006 in the medical products category, but the best thing is really that it is relatively cheap (about USD 35:-) and re-usable. More on the Ewing Design Group site and with Cybertech Medical. brbr

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