Sketch Nerds: Want to Help Kickstart This Designey Felt-Tipped Pen?

There is the “jotting something down” version of sketching, where you grab the nearest mark-making object and scrap of paper to capture an idea; some gewgaw drawn in lipstick on the back of a receipt. Then there is the prepared type of sketching you do in the studio, where many of you probably prefer to have a tightly curated arsenal of pens/pencils/markers at your disposal.

This product is for the latter type of sketching, and it’s pretty niche: When you want more single-pass line weight than a rollerball can produce, but less than what a marker puts out, industrial designers Tony Badu and Coco Lombarte hope that you’ll reach for their unnamed felt-tipped pens in aluminum or titanium.

If you want one, you’d better spread the word, and fast: At press time there were only three days left to pledge, and they’d only garnered $11,245 on a $39,373 goal. If you want to help get it across the finish line, here’s the campaign.

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