Simple, smart weather cover for your bike seat.

The Neverain bike seat cover is both simple and smart. Just what we like. The whole thing consists of a bag to be attached under the saddle, not unlike the small tool bags some people use. The Neverain bag comes with an attached weather cover that can be easily pulled out and deployed over the saddle. You can either cover your saddle before a rain, or, if you missed the forecast, cover the wet saddle before you get on your bike. No more wet butt biking. The cover is of course waterproof, and the bag is ventilated to ensure drying of the cover until next time you need it. One extra feature is that you need to remove the seat post to install the bag, thus ensuring that no-one can steal your seat cover without destroying it in the process. The Neverain cover will be about SEK 100:- (approx. USD 12:- when it hits the stores later this year.brbr

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