Shower for the outback.

The deal with this water bag is the shower nozzle in the bottom. With the Pocket Shower, you can have a nice warm shower when you get back from whatever it is you do in the wilderness. At least as long as you have a base camp to come back to. No-one will want to carry a filled water bag along all day, and if you fill it up when you pitch camp, it’s not going to deliver a particularly warm shower. The idea is you fill it up in the morning and leave it out in the sun all day to get nice and warmed up. The bag has room for 10 liters (2.6-gallon) of water that is supposed to give you about 8 minutes of shower joy. If you don’t use it for water you can always pack it with stuff you want to keep dry. It is, after all, water proof. USD 24:95.brbr

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