Rubber horse shoe.

The rubber horse shoes were invented by Lone Pedersen in the small community of Öllöv in the Swedish province of Halland. Lone thought traditional iron horse shoes must be both uncomfortable and dangerous for horses, even though they have been used for hundreds of years. She started experimenting with horse shoes made from old tractor tyres, and in 1993 she got a patent for steel horse shoes with a rubber coating. The Halmstad Rubber Factory bought her invention, developed the shoes further, and are now selling them under the brand Alive Original. The rubber coated shoe is claimed to improve the horses traction, and be very useful in cities and on paved roads. The Thai Army, the Prague Mounted Police and the Russian President are said to be among the customers. Available from, among other places, Lycke Equestrian Center for SEK 59:- (approx. USD 8:79 a piece.brbr

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