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brThis morning I received an email from a href=”” target=”_blank”Virginia Armstrong/a. A graphic and textile designer living in London UK, who just opened her online shop called a href=”” target=”_blank”Roddyamp;Ginger/a … a href=”” target=”_blank”here/a you can find a great selection vintage and mid-century bits and pieces …. and even better some marvelous cushions … I’m in LOVE with the red one in the right upper corner. Virginia’s prints which she uses for tea towels, artwork, cushions and pieces for children’s are simply gorgeous! I’m sure we will be seeing much more of a href=”″ target=”_blank”Roddyamp;Ginger/a in the near future and I’m happy to be able to show a href=”” target=”_blank”Roddyamp;Ginger/a to you today!/p/div

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