Rick Owens creates wearable helmets that double as fluorescent floor lamps

Photo of floor lamp by Rick Owens

American designer Rick Owens has released a collection three of helmets that have a single and dual-prong strobe light protruding from their shell and can be used as sculptural floor lamps.

The helmets were presented during Rick Owens‘ Autumn Winter 2022 menswear show titled Strobe, which was shown at the Palais de Tokyo during Paris Fashion Week.

The helmets were presented as part of Rick Owens’ Autumn Winter 2023 collection

Owens created two helmets for the show each of which featured a different light bar fixture that was set into and protrudes from the crown of its outer shell.

The helmets were constructed from aluminium and fibreglass and have a rounded head with a shell that extends to cover the upper parts of the wearer’s chest and back.

Photo of the Rick Owens helmet
They have lights fitted to the shell

In his show notes Owens explained that the helmets have a crown shape that was informed by the forms he saw in Egyptian temples and tombs while touring Egypt shortly before.

“Helmets have Dan Flavin-esque fluorescent bulbs set into crown shapes that I kept seeing in the Egyptian temples and tombs I toured last October,” said Owens.

As a result of the helmet’s extended shell, which falls over the chest and shoulders in three parts, it doubles as a freestanding floor lamp with its extended shell acting as legs.

The first of the lamps titled Amun, which was only produced in black,  has a two-pronged light fixture that is set within a trapezoid-shaped frame.

Photo of white helmet with light
They are constructed from aluminium and fibreglass

Named Hedjet, the other helmet was produced in both black and white and has a single light-bar fixture that pokes out the shell.

The objects can be worn with the protruding lights either on or off as they are powered by a Rick Owens power socket.

Photo of a white floor lamp
The collection was titled Strobe

Earlier this year at Paris Fashion Week, Rick Owens presented a collection on an industrial runway that referenced architectural and Victorian silhouettes.

Owens has been creating furniture and objects for over a decade, often looking to historical and architectural references when creating pieces. In 2019, Owens created a modular sofa that was upholstered in French army blankets.

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