Remote controlled front door locks.

A few years back there was a show on Swedish TV featuring where the British design firm SeymorPowell attempted to solve various everyday problems by applying industrial design knowledge. Unless we are completely mistaken one of the programs was about remote controlled locks and alarms for ordinary homes. We liked the idea, but unfortunately the program ended in uncertainty wether the ideas would be produced or not. We cannot remember the name of the company involved, but the other day we stumbled upon the remote controlled locks from British Locca. These locks open via remote from up to 50 meters distance, and you do not even have to remember locking it again since they re-lock after a programmable time, from 1 to 120 seconds. The Locca locks are supposed to mount on almost any existing door, and they are sold through British locksmiths and D-I-Y stores BQ. Locca are planning a launch in Sweden and they will be starting at about SEK SEK 1.200:- (approx. GBP 88:-).brbr

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