Recycled rubber roofing can help solve two problems.

Old discarded tires in an environmental problem in many parts of the world. Not just in the industrialized part, where we live, but also in the Third World where lots of old tires are sent to become landfill or just be put in piles. Some tires are reused or re-cycled. They can come back as re-threads, as rubberized pavement, in road construction etc. But many million old tires are just piled up or used as landfill. Therefore, we’re pleased to present a new (at least to us) way of re-using rubber. As roofing. One might ask why no-one has thought of this before, since the product promises to solve two problems. Firstly, a lot of old tires never end up in landfills or piles. Secondly, you get a virtually maintenance-free roof that can take everything nature can throw at it. The manufacturer, EuroSlate/EuroShake, of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, promises a 50 year warranty on the roof.brbr

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