Reader Submitted: Nook's Design Elevates the Classic Indoor Playground

Nook, a new children’s play and learning space in Ballston, VA, reimagines the “family-friendly” destination as a curated, gallery-like experience, filled with thoughtfully designed furniture and multi-sensory installations. No rainbows needed.

This is the third venue to open for the nascent modern family brand, and the most ambitious design and programming effort to date. The project was designed by Mickus Projects, who also fabricated and installed several of feature millwork pieces.

Much of the retail world is defined by how fast they can move: on move-in, on building out a store, on moving merchandise, on shipping goods to you overnight. For Nook we took the opposite approach. We took things slow, spending nearly two years on programming, research, design, iterations, prototyping, fabricating, assembling, installing and styling. The amount of attention we put into every detail is meant to translate into the quality and intention that parents will have with their kids when they come to experience Nook.

We have invested heavily in the process, labor, research and design, resulting in something so beautiful and minimal, wrapping around you and your child. We like to think of it as small-batch design, or single-origin design…a space designed with play in mind.

View the full project here

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