Pretty Loaded


While most of us sit annoyed waiting for heavily coded Flash websites to load—or perhaps abandon them all together—Pretty Loaded has a different take on this pesky little time frame.

Created by the Brooklyn-based digital creative agency Big Spaceship, Pretty Loaded is a curated archive of preloading screens and animations, proving that those few seconds, or minutes, can serve as what they call “short-attention-span-theater.”

The digital landscape is constantly changing, and with faster connections the loading time is thankfully shrinking. However, Pretty Loaded views this otherwise useless short time as an opportunity. They highlight creativity in the field by feauturing this dissipating art form and also encourage other creative agencies to add to their infinite loader.


With a decent range of preloading screens, from Office Max to Nike to feature films, the site has loads of content making it a growing piece of internet history.

via Creative Review

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