Power track with movable outlets.

This power track is conceived along the same lines as the spotlight tracks you find in shops and offices. But here all outlets are easily movable, and there’s room for up to 16 outlets per meter of track (with the EU power adaptor 12). The track has been developed and patented by the Singapore company Eubiq, and it is available in large parts of the world; e.g. Asia, Australia, the Middle East and Europe. As of yet not in the Americas, though. The picture shows the euro-plug adapter, but adapters are also available for UK, Australian, Indian, and Japanese standards. The track is available for both surface and recessed application, and in a number of lengths; the longest 3.6 meters (11.8 feet). We do not know what it would cost, but we are pretty sure it would look good in the kitchen. Or in the Smart Stuff HQ.brbr

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