Picnic kit in a small bag.

It could be that he or she is right, the copywriter on the site where this pic-nic kit is found, that is. Perhaps getting the picnic gear together can be such a pain, that we cannot be bothered. But having a meal al fresco on a warm day is after all very nice. To-day may be such a day, since the thermometer has reached +26°C (about 78° F). We do not get too many such days up here. In that case maybe a picnic kit like this one could come in handy. It is supposed to be small enough to fit in your car’s glove compartment, and it sports two plastic plates, two sets of silverware, a corkscrew and containers for salt and pepper. It is USD 52:- however, which we think is a bit steep, but it is a nice idea.brbr

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