Wall mounted home theatre projector from LG.

This may be old-ish by now, but we have not heard of any other wall mounted home theatre projector, so here goes. Hard working contributor Magnus I.B. mailed in this tip, and we are truly sorry it has been sitting in the mail bag for so long. The LG AN110 was the first (and at the time the only) home theatre projector that could be put on a wall, or placed on a small stand like in the picture above. Maybe it still is. Maybe not. In any case it is pretty smart, and had it been around a couple of years ago, we could have saved ourselves a bunch of holes in the ceiling… The LG AN110 won a design award in the Red Dot Awards 2006. Thanks, Magnus, for letting us know!brbr

Sweden’s secret weapon.

The fifties was a decade of cold war between the East and the West. Sweden had a geographically precarious position between Nato and the Warsaw pact. Sweden also had one of the world’s strongest air forces and made serious plans to build nuclear weapons. In spite of all the money that was spent (or invested, if you will) in defense during those years, hardly anything remains. Nothing except the only skin care product almost every Swedish male knows and have used. Försvarets Hudsalva, or Defense Forces Cerat. The cerat was developed during the fifties by the Swedish Military Pharmacy as a remedy for blisters and cold sores, but its uses quickly expanded as grunts discovered its versatility. It was used greasing bicycle chains and door hinges, as shoeshine, as a substitute for butter, for dry elbows, as ski wax and, it is rumored, as frying fat. Today this icon product is also used as lip cerat, paw ointment for dogs and much more. A 25 ml pack is SEK 29:- (approx. USD 4:-) at the Swedish Pharmacy web shop. Manufactured by APL, Apoteket Produktion Laboratorier.brbr

Smart hook for your headrest.

This is a clever looking little hook that attaches to the headrest support in your car (providing your headrests with steel stick supports) and where you can hang your purse or backpack or grocery bag or the bag with take-out food from the sushi place. Or anything else that works better hanging than standing or lying down. We do tend to get a bit upset when the grocery bags fall over and we have to search for lemons under the car seats or when the miso soup spills all over the sushi. So for the SEK 19:90 (approx. USD 2:80) for 2 that Biltema charges, we think it’s a both cheap and practical gadget (art.no. 39-206).brbr

Skeppshult introduces auto shift bicycle.

We saw this in an ad in the paper the other day. The new auto shift bicycle from Skeppshult is called Arc Automat (gent’s version) or Nova Automat (ladies) and features an eight-speed automatic gear assembly from Shimano. There is no information on how it works on the Skeppshult web site, which is pretty lame, but it could be the same auto shifter from Shimano we posted on earlier. If so, it is electric and gets its power from a dynamo in the front hub. We are going to have to pedal down to our local bike shop for a test drive, but since the bike is priced at SEK 9,895:- (USD 1,415:-) we are probably not going to buy one. At least not this year…brbr

Potato chip maker for the microwave.

One of these chip makers might very well be the next addition to our ever growing kit of kitchen gadgets. But we do not have ordinary potato chips in mind for it. Instead, we are thinking of making apple chips for desserts like sherbet made from granny smith apples. The only thing you are supposed to have to do is slice the potatoes (or apples), put the slices in the stand, and cook in the micro wave for six minutes. The gadget is supposed to be available in Japanese stores, but you can get it from J-Box for USD 14:80 plus shipping USD 5:80. A similar product is on fiwa-shop on German E-bay for EUR 5:- plus shipping EUR 3:90.brbr

Bicycle brake pads with LED brake light.

These are brake pads for ordinary V type bicycle brakes. Only they have a red LED light that lights up when you apply the brakes. The only back side is probably that they need batteries. Available from Swedish auto parts store Biltemas web shop for SEK 49:- (approx. USD 7:-) a pair. (Art.no. 27-287).brbr

Woot! Most popular .se site on Populicio.us.

Since we put the Yahoo! Site Explorer widget on the site, we have been itching to explore the 9,360 9,383 links to Smart Stuff they say we have. Today we took some time and looked some of them over and among them we found this. We’re the most popular .se site on Populicio.us! Don’t know if this means so much, but it sure was fun. Thank you all Populicio.us users!brbr

Toothpaste tube with integrated dental floss.

Just like everybody else we do not floss enough. And if it were not for the little Hummingbird (that we posted on a while back) we would not be flossing nearly as much as we do. To that end, here is a new idea for a toothpaste tube with a built in roll of floss. This will obliterate the I forgot to buy floss argument forever. It is called Floss’n’Cap and as you can see it is from Aquafresh. It has been on the market for a while, but we have not seen it in Sweden. If it sells reasonably well, we would not be surprised if there is a Colgate and/or a Pepsodent version on the shelves pretty soon. The tube won a silver award in the 17th DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation in 2004, and it is USD 3:50 a piece on Dentist.net. brbr

Why, oh why, did I not think of this?

Some ideas and solutions to common problems are so brilliantly obvious (after you’ve seen it) that all you can do is blushingly admit that you did not think of it. I’m sure you have experienced that after a bit of working, there is not enough room between the hacksaw frame and the blade. And I’m sure you have worked around it somehow to get the job done. But did you think of this? If you did, we can only congratulate you, ’cause that makes you smarter than we are.brbr

If you want to have breakfast or work in bed.

We must admit we are a bit partial to breakfast in bed. Particularly in hotels. But one problem with eating in bed is that most trays are very unstable. And the bread-crumbs, of course. But we digress. This tray, designed by Harald Hynell (who mailed us to tell about it) for Bosign, has a pillowy base which makes it adapt to whatever it is placed on (your legs, for instance). That makes it steadier than most. We are sure it is very good for using laptops on your lap top, too. It is available in black, white, willow- or wenge wood and it is SEK 494:- (approx. USD 70:-) on the PID web shop.brbr