Hot In The Hive: Philosophy Winter Escape Set

imageWhat is it about festive drinks like hot apple cider and eggnog that gets me into the holiday mood (even when the unseasonable 70 degree weather outside is really betraying my pre-Christmas spirit)? No matter what the forecast, one sip of hot chocolate and I’m instantly transported out of my uncomfortable heels and straight to the ski lodge, all warm and cozy in a Snuggie (or not). But what’s even better — now you can enjoy the yummy winter-warmness of the season even in the shower! Philosophy’s Winter Escape Set comes complete with a trio of peppermint hot chocolate-themed products: shower gel, lotion, and lip shine, all wrapped in an adorable winter cottage box. Sure, it’s not the same as drinking cocoa by the fire (I’m pretty sure downing this won’t taste good), but lathering up with anything cocoa and marshmallow-scented, paired with the comfy steaminess of your shower, is probably the next best thing! The set also makes a super cute gift to anyone who loves at-home pampering!

Price: $25
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6 Geeky Gimmicky Cameras That Are Way More Fun Than Your Canon!

imageWhether you’re a true studied photographer or simply rely on your iPhone and TwitPic to document your daily adventures, nowadays everyone’s got the photo bug in some form or another. But have you noticed that despite the ever-increasing accessibility, portability and quality of cameras with all the latest tech developments, all the newly released digi gadgets have just started to look and function basically the same? Quick and convenient, sure, but borrring! Bring the creativity back to picture-taking and add some variety to those thousands of extended arm self-portraits you have tagged on Facebook with a novelty camera. Print photos instantly on the go with the Fuji Instax Camera (no need to scrounge around for your USB cord!), or create pop art portraits with the Pop Cam from Fred Flare. These novelty cameras aren’t exactly a practical replacement for your usual point-and-shoot, but they’re a fun addition to anyone who loves living behind the lens! Take a look at the slideshow for the 6 quirkiest cameras on the e-shelves today!

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Real Leather Jackets For Under $250!

imageOh, the leather jacket. Never before has one piece garnered so much attention in the “save or splurge” category. You know the pros and cons of each by now, so let’s jump ahead to a much more exciting debate: real vs. faux leather. Faux leather is usually easy to distinguish from real, and a faux jacket can run you anywhere from $40 at Forever 21 to almost $200 at Urban Outfitters. While there are gems to be found, my guess is you’re giving up either quality fabric (not that good faux leather doesn’t exist) or quality construction– two things that can make or break your purchase. Real leather jackets, while often considerably more expensive, are generally going to be of a higher overall quality, regardless of the material, so if you plan on wearing your jacket regularly for more than one season, you may want to invest in the real deal. I’ve found several real leather jackets that retail for less than $250, and if you can dig up a coupon code or are brave enough to play the game known as “I’ll wait ’til it goes on sale,” you can snap one of these up for quite the steal. The trick is to look in places you may not normally frequent! So-called “mom brands” like Ann Taylor, Eddie Bauer, and Jones New York happen to have gorgeous leather jackets that easily rival the trend pieces you’d see in any high-end shop– at about a third of the price. Click on the slideshow to see them all!

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Stylehive’s Stylescopes Keep You Fashionable In Faux Fur!

imageWith all of the faux-fur options out there, it’s easy to stay warm and toasty in the fall/winter season. The planets predict that no matter what it is you may be doing, this week involves a lot of time spent outdoors. Whether it’s running errands, last minute business trips, or just hanging out with friends, a little faux-fur will help ward off the chill in the air. Faux fur vests aren’t the only fashionably fuzzy items available and after consulting the stars, Stylescopes has been able to find which faux fur item is right for you! Gemini, your jeans would look great paired with some boots with fur trim. A whole torso covered in faux-fur maybe a little much for the dreamy Pisces so stick to something simple, like a stole to wrap around your shoulders. No matter your style and no matter what the stars have in store for you this week, stay cozy with faux fur! Click on the slideshow to see which faux fur item has been deemed best for you and your star sign!

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Rock a Leather Mini Like Isla Fisher

imageAt the “Rock A Little, Feed A Little” benefit concert in L.A., the adorable Isla Fisher got in touch with her sexy side, rocking this season’s leather trend in a fun and funky way. Isla paired her leather mini with a cool tie-dye tee-shirt and accessorized the look with funky peep-toe booties, a pendant necklace, and an edgy cuff. I love how Isla tempered the inherent sexiness of her leather mini with a more casual top to keep the look from being too vampy. Balance is a key concept to keep in mind when rocking anything leather. Isla also gets points for showing accessory-restraint. When you’re outfit is this cool, you really don’t need to pile on many extras.

Check out my slideshow to get the look!

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J.Lo, Katy, Or Vivica: Who Rocked Basic Black Best At The “This Is It” Premiere?

imageIt’s no surprise that a documentary on the late and great Michael Jackson would draw in a crowd of A-list celebrities, all wanting to show their love and support for the King of Pop. The tragic and sudden death of the greatest entertainer of all time sent shock waves through the community and “This Is It” is one way to commemorate Jackson, as well as keep him with us for a little longer. Everybody who’s anybody, and their mom and kids, showed up dressed to impress with styles ranging from dressed up tees to floor-sweeping gowns. One common color that celebrities showed up in was chic head-to-toe black ensembles that were edgy, sexy, sleek or just plain sweet. Perhaps it was out of respect for the loss that the Jackson family and the rest of the world has recently endured, but there’s no denying that they all looked like “Pretty Young Things.” So who do you think rocked the basic black look the best? Was it Jennifer Lopez in her edgy black panel sheath and rockin’ knee boots? Or perhaps you preferred Katy Perry’s lacy, glittering gown? And there’s no question that Vivica A. Fox looked smoking in a body-hugging, one-shouldered mini. Take the poll below and let us know who you think looked best at the Michael Jackson’s “This Is It’ Premiere!

Ginnifer Goodwin Wears A Dress Made Of Hospital Scrubs

imageIf you ever get a chance to walk around the streets of San Francisco, aside from endless views of the fog and rolling hills you’ll notice numerous buildings that make up the Academy of Art University. Since the Stylehive office is neighbors with an Academy of Art building, I’ve seen some super snappy dressers milling about the neighborhood. Based on their long history at New York Fashion Week, I know that their students will make it in the art and fashion worlds. And it already looks like a few students got a head start! Priscilla Guimarais, Kumiko Haruyama, Nui Tanapornwattana, Audrey Wang and Tramaine Tillman created a collection of sustainable dresses for a class project. “Big Love” and “He’s Just Not That Into You” actress Ginnifer Goodwin wore one such piece from the collection at 20th Anniversary Environmental Media Association Awards in Los Angeles. Made of hospital scrubs, the fabric was treated, dyed and pleated in a fabulous strapless dress. The future is bright and totally green for the lucky students and I can’t wait to see more! Photo credit: Associated Press

Make A Bold Statement With Colorblock Home Decor

imageThe colorblock craze is one that I like very much. There is nothing more sophisticated than that classic combo of black and white. Bright, solid hues matched with black or each other make for an eye-catching and fashionable ensemble. It’s such an easy and appealing way to add interest and color, it’s a wonder that it hasn’t caught on in home decor as well. Be a trend-setter and apply this tried and true style statement to your home. You can choose a few of your favorite colors and use them in a number of accents. Throw pillows and rugs are an easy way to go and make boring rooms more colorful and energetic. Items like placemats and shower curtains are also fun and easy ways to spruce up your living space and give your home a harmonious theme without having to spend too much! Click on the slideshow for some great colorblock ideas that you can bring into your home!

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Hot In The Hive: R.I.P. Tombstone Nail Color

imageSo far, we’ve given you lots of options for Halloween makeup, in case you’re looking for an excuse to splurge on more dramatic products and shades you may normally not allow yourself to indulge in on any average day. But what if your beauty budget doesn’t exactly allow for high-end costume-y makeup you know you’ll never use again until it’s way past its expiration date? Luckily, the lines carried at Sephora aren’t the only ones boasting Halloween-friendly products — bargain drugstore brands are going festive with their shades too. Wet ‘N Wild’s costume-specific line, Fantasy Makers, has just released their own mini-collection of R.I.P. Tombstone Nail Polish just for the spooky season. While the three different shades (shiny black, multicolored glitter, and a sheer glow-in-the-dark shade) are pretty “Halloweenie,” they’re inexpensive enough to be worth the splurge. Plus, the bottle is totally cute, in an appropriately morbid sort of way…

Price: $2.50 each
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Dress Up Your Gadgets In Mulberry Accessories For Apple Products

imageYour Apple laptops, iPhones and more will get more chic soon with the launch of the new Mulberry accessories for Apple products. The line of bags and gadget holders for men and women feature protective padding, headphone access, and Mulberry’s luxe leather and designs. The collection includes bags in Mulberry’s natural leathers as well as gorgeous MacBook and MacBook Pro sleeves and small bags in the season’s colors or a bold smudged leopard print. The goods will be available Nov 1st in stores the UK, then starting December 1st, they will be available online. Sign up via the Mulberry web site to receive a reminder when they arrive. Click over to Coquette to read more on the latest fashion news and trends!