Lancome, Urban Decay, And More Of Your Favorite Makeup Brands Go Green!

imageUsing beauty products may not be the most environmentally harmful part of your daily routine (well, unless of course you’re addicted to hairspray), but if you’re into going the natural route for the sake of saving your skin and the planet, you’re certainly not the only one! Lucky for us eco-conscious makeup mavens, some of our favorite beauty brands have jumped on the green bandwagon and made natural, organic, and eco-chic versions of their popular products. For example, Lancome’s Juicy Tubes Pure are just like the old favorite, but this time with 95% natural ingredients! And Urban Decay’s shadow box packs 10 of their favorite shadows into a sustainable wooden box complete with a cruelty-free eyeshadow brush. I won’t be dramatic and say that a few coats of organic mascara will save the world, but hey — every little gesture counts! Take a browse through the slideshow to see which big-name brands have gone natural!

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Cute Solutions For Home Storage!

imageGetting organized is the worst. I mean, there’s the going through your stuff phase, the purge phase, the immediately-regretting-that-purge phase and then boom! Where are you going to put all this stuff? There are a lot of cute storage solutions right now, and I’ve put together a few of my favorites. I love this Axis Set of Nesting Boxes in Black Toile at Target. Imagine having all of your accessories neatly organized in these boxes sitting on the shelves in your closet? Delightful! For a great vintage, well-traveled look, why not use this Faux-leather Trunk as a side table in your living room? Extra credit if you can add some stickers of your favorite destinations. Check out my slideshow for lots of great home storage solutions!

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Katy Perry Interviews Karl Lagerfeld At Paris Fashion Week

imageQuirky songstress Katy Perry chats with Karl Lagerfeld after his show at Paris Fashion Week in an exclusive interview for It’s certainly a rare chance to peek into the personality of one of the world’s most esteemed designers. Is he intimidating? Yes, but there is a certain warmth about his demeanor, even as he corrects Katy when she expresses her adoration for the fabric, not metal embellishment on a particular dress. The two discuss music and fashion, and we learn fun facts like what he listened to as he got dressed this morning and what song he feels describes himself best (by none other than Lily Allen, of course). His response to the requisite “if you could trade places with any designer” question is a careful mix of smug satisfaction and pure respect. Oh, and he makes jokes too! Click here to see the interview for yourself.

WhatsWear Finds Great Fall Leather Jackets For Less!

imageLeather jackets are one of the most important fall staples. They are universal, never go out of style and look great on both men and women. However, some leather jackets can run you upwards of $600! In this economy that is just way too much to spend on a jacket you can only wear in the spring and the fall. However, WhatsWear has come to the rescue and found adorable leather jackets for under $260! We scoured the web searching for cheap and chic jackets for both men and women. TopShop had the best selection of real leather and faux leather jackets. I love their fitted, cropped black jackets for women. These three jackets had more of a rock-n-roll feel, but if you are looking for something more ladylike, go no further than Forever 21’s 3/4 sleeve leather jacket in a beautiful cream. Our favorite picks for the boys included the navy bomber jacket (faux leather), the timeless black bomber jacket (all leather and machine washable!) and the super chic grey leather sweatshirt (all leather but dry clean only). Pair your desired leather jacket with just about anything from dresses to jeans to skirts and more! Head over to WhatsWear for more fall fashion that won’t cost you the whole season’s salary.

Hot In The Hive: Nordic Ware Castle Bundt Pan

imageIt’s a sad, sad day when you realize there’s a chance you might be too old to go trick-or-treating. This realization either comes in the form of a too-high number of slammed doors during the previous year’s Halloween activities, or a shift from fear of cavities to fear of calories. Eeek! Luckily there are still plenty of ways to make the most of your annual sugar rush and they don’t involve dipping into the kids’ stash (bad!) or going to town on the office candy bowl. This Nordic Ware Castle Bundt Pan turns an ordinary box of Halloween Funfetti cake mix into a haunted mansion (with the help of some sprinkles, gumdrops, and fondant), and is way more exciting than an endless influx of bite-sized Snickers bars. We know- it’s not free like trick or treat candy is, and it’s not exactly handed to you, but try to accept it as a part of growing up. Still feeling bitter? Be that person and hand out toothbrushes and sugar-free candy. Muahaha…

Price: $36
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Live In The Urban Chic Brixton Group CA 23, Chicago!

imageCA 23, the newest condo development from The Brixton Group, has luxe living written all over it. Located in Chicago’s ever-trendy West Loop, the new building will have 48 units (two-, three- and four-bedroom) with up to 18-foot ceilings, high-end finishes, stainless-steel Fisher appliances and 1,900- to 4,000-square-foot floor plans. Modern architecture influences the design of the common areas and gives “urban chic” a whole new definition. And each unit has its own private elevator entrance… what could be more luxurious than that?

Stylehive’s Stylescopes Help You Have Stylishly Sweet Dreams!

imageMany people believe that dreams are a gateway into our subconscious and can help us know our true selves and thoughts more clearly. This is the week to kick back, reflect and take a break from your busy schedule. Whether you’d rather curl up on the couch with a good book or just snuggle, the stars help you find the most comfortable and appropriate sleepwear for your ideal night in! With styles ranging from soft knit one-pieces for the comfort loving Capricorn to silky and slinky teddies for sexy Scorpios, it doesn’t matter what sort of at-home night you have planned this week; Stylehive’s Stylescopes have consulted the stars for the best sleepy-time ensemble for you. Cozy flannel, lacy babydolls and girly cami sets all lend their own type of sex appeal and comfort to bedtime, so click on the slideshow to see what stylish pajamas the stars have set aside for you!

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Save Up To 85% On Makeup At!

imageIt’s always hard to dump someone. There are hurt feelings and harsh words, maybe a few tears, definitely some cocktails and desserts smothered in chocolate, caramel, and Oreo cookie crumbles. Well, get out the Edy’s, Sephora. Everyone knows that Sephora and I (and have been going steady since I was 15, but we’re currently on the rocks. There’s a new makeup store in my life, and its name is Yup, although Sephora was the love of my life, I just can’t control my feelings for this much better beauty stop that recently rocked my world. But it wasn’t just a one night fling; this is serious. I’m falling in love. This amazing website carries super great brands like YSL, Smashbox, Stila, Tarte, Urban Decay, and Pop, for up to 85% off. Wow. I’ll give you a minute to think about how freakin’ amazing that is. I’m talkin’ Smashbox wooden 4-shadow/blush palette, originally $45, now $19.00. Check out some of the items featured by clicking over to our friends at CollegeCandy!

This Season’s Hottest Shoes Mix Leather And Lace

imageAs if you need any new additions to your “Shoes I Must Have NOW” list, the latest invasion of sexy footwear is more flirty than ever. Lace details, cut-outs, and overlays are popping up everywhere, in both high-end and affordable brands, from demure J. Crew ballet flats to seriously fierce peep-toe booties by Stuart Weitzman. While lace and leather may more commonly conjure up visions of risque lingerie, and let’s face it — those see-through excuses for lace pants are better suited as a doily than on an actual person (unless you’re Lady GaGa), lace-embellished shoes are hot because they bring a certain sexiness without making you feel exposed. After all, a little peep-toe peepshow never hurt anyone! Check out the slideshow for some of the my favorite lacy shoes!

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Stylehive’s Stylescopes Show That Accessorizing Is A Cinch!

imageIt’s no news that nowadays belts are more about fashion than function. Gone are the days that belts should only be discreet and embellishment-free for maximum waistband-cinching without the buckle bulges. Now they’re all about accessorizing, bedazzling, shaping looser ensembles, or even adding pops of color to otherwise drab monochrome outfits. So with all the stylish choices in the realm of belts, how does a girl choose? Look no further than Stylehive’s Stylescopes to see what kind of waist-hugger is written in your fashion future! Geminis can ditch the chunky jewelry and dress up an LBD with a hammered gold belt for some flash, and the Virgo gals can hop on the chain trend and toughen up a girly dress with this multi-strand silver belt. Take a look at the slideshow to see what kind of belt will make your sign’s next outfit!

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