Wall cleat power cable organizer.

There seems to be an infinite demand for organizers in general, and cable organizers in particular. Our on-line lifestyle brings us more cables all the time, and naturally we must come up with ways to organize them. So why should your power cables collect dust devils on the floor when they can be neatly rolled up on a cleat like this. The concept and prototype comes from Karl Zahn and it is really very simple-. A new face plate to the old socket, and you are set to go. It is made for US plugs, but adapting it to European, Australian, UK or Japanese standards should be a cinch.brbr

Coffee table grows to double size.

The Hexa coffee table is the bigger brother of the smart Tetra coffee table, we have mentioned earlier. The Hexa version has six hidden extra table tops that can be pulled out to provide extra room for guests, snacks, and drinks. If you just need a regular size table, you just push all the extensions back in again. Design Bernard Vuarnesson. USD 1.543:-.brbr

At last in Sweden. Battery powered mobile power reserve.

Energizer are launching a mobile charger powered by ordinary size AA batteries. It is supposed to have adapters for Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, HTC and Blackberry. Just our luck it does not come with an adapter for Palm. Beginning next week it will be available in grocery stores, and after that in gas stations and c-stores and the likes. It vill be around SEK 179:- (approx. USD 28:-) with batteries.brbr

Design deja vu all over again.

This morning we suspected that the student(s) who created the blue coach/bed had possibly pinched the idea from those that designed the red coach concept. Now it turns out that maybe both have borrowed the idea from Gruppo Strum (G. Ceretti, P. Derossi, R. Rosso) who designed the green version for Italian Gufram. Contrary to the blue and the red, however, the green one in being produced and can be bought from German Connox Shop. Bu it does not come cheap; it is EUR 8,045:- (approx. USD 11,500:-).brbr

25 skills everybody should have.

Popular Mechanichs has served American (and other) boys and men with tech news and skills for generations. In the October issue there is an article on important everyday skills that they think every man should have, and they also describe how to do them in case you do not alreday know. so if there are som things you do not master, just read up on PopMech.brbr
Here are some we thought both important and interesting:br
Patching a radiator hose, backing up a trailer, finding your way with a map and a compass (without a GPS, that is), sharpening a knife, perform CPR, getting a car un-stuck, cleaning a rifle, changing oil and filter, bleed brakes, and fixing a bike flat.brbr

Design deja vu.

This probably sucks for both parties. For Elena Haller, Julia Meisel, Martin Nowitzki and Hanni Schermaul, who created the Schlafgras (B) it could feel like someone has pinched their idea. We wrote about on 28 December 2005. For the nameless student(s) at Bucks New University in the UK who created (A), it might be a bit embarrassing if we suggest they may have borrowed an almost two years old idea.brbr

Double bowl has room for both nuts and shells.

Eva Solo, with designers Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbæk, do not usually disappoint. Neither in form nor function. In fact, what is close to unique with EvaSolo is their ability to combine harmony in form with out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to function. And they have done it again. The Smiley bowl, that is really two bowls in one, is hand made in glass, and thus no Smiley is exactly like the other. What they have in common is function. One part for nuts, another for shells; one part for candy, the other for the wrappers; one for chips, one for the dip. You decide…brbr

Power splitter wall holder.

Now that it sits right in front of our eyes, it is embarrassingly simple. We could have come up with this ourselves. How hard can it be? But like always, only hindsight is twenty/twenty. That is why congratulations are in order for Tommy Pettersson in the small Swedish town of Ålem for the idea for the Grenfix, a holder for all the power-strips he, and we, and probably you too have lying around everywhere. The Grenfix is comes in different widths for different power strips. It is really just a piece of bent metal with clever barbs for holding the power strip in place. According to Uppfinnaren Konstruktören magazine #4/2007, it is almost ready for market. We can hardly wait…brbr

Pet water bottle with integrated water bowl.

Getting the dog water on trips can be done in many ways. A separate bowl brought from home, a paper picnic plate, a hubcap (in the time when there were real hubcaps), your own cupped hand… well, there are many ways. Here is a novel attempt to solve this problem. A water bottle with a water bowl attached. Just pour and serve. And you will not forget the bowl. USD 8:-.brbr

Table with built-in electric outlets.

Why not? If you settle for the sockets on the sides and legs, and maybe put a few in under the tabletop? Or put a row of them along the sides? Or… There is no mention of production, but don’t you agree it would be both stylish and practical? The electric table is made in MDF board with electrical installations as a concept for custom order by Broberg Ridderstråhle.brbr