The Gowanus Studio Space’s Jell-O Mold Competition: CALL FOR ENTRIES


We love design competitions, and we love Jell-O. So we’re pretty jazzed about combining the two. Here’s the pitch:

Revel in the wonder of Jell-O and get inspired by the iconic jiggle. Jell-O is the perfect medium for design in these times of restraint, given its versatility, economy, and availability. But what was once a dessert of jiggling, artful decadence is now most often rendered flat or at most, a wiggling cube on a Styrofoam tray at the end of a buffet line. This is why it’s time for a comeback of the Jell-O proportions of old: soaring heights, strange colors, object suspension! To this end, the Gowanus Studio Space is asking designers to take Jell-O out of the cafeteria and break the mold, as it were, on Jell-O molds.

A crack panel of respected judges–including conceptual designers Jason Miller and Tobias Wong, Jennifer Appel of Buttercup Bake Shop, and Thu Tran of Food Party–will announce the winners at 8pm on Saturday, June 20, 2009. The judging and awards ceremony will be held at the Gowanus Studio Space in Brooklyn, NY.

Deadline is June 12, 2009. All info is at the site.


NY Design Week 09: Dutch Design: 400 Years Later, at CITE

The offsite events during NY Design Week are often as engaging as the main event at the ICFF–in some cases more so–and offer the advantages of a serene, manageable environment, and no pesky registration requirements.

One of the more promising this year is “400 Years Later,” a mostly-for-sale collection at CITE in SoHo, featuring the work of 23 Dutch designers that ranges from adorable to innovative to downright bizarre. We had a chance to walk through some of the show’s highlights with curator Alissia Melka-Teichroew yesterday. The resulting video is exactly what you hope to get from a Design Week show: a showcase that changes your idea of what objects do and how they’re made.

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Work A Fresh And Flirty Dirndl Skirt Into Your Wardrobe!

image This spring, it’s really about keeping things flirty, feminine and fresh and what better way to achieve all three than with the a dirndl skirt? The great thing about the dirndl skirt is that it is versatile, comfortable and effortlessly fashionable. Characterized by their tightly gathered material at the waistband, dirndl skirts are popping up everywhere from Forever 21 to Club Monaco to runway giant Valentino. They mask wide hips and thighs and make the waist look tiny in comparison so that every girl can have the Marilyn Monroe physique! Tuck in a crisp, fitted knit shirt or tank and pair it with cute flats and matching headband for a girly springtime outfit, or shorten the hemline and lengthen the heels for a flirty, sex-kitten look! Dirndl skirts are even work appropriate with the right blazer and pumps. Try a structured button down and a wide belt or pair a super short dirndl skirt with leggings and give it a 90’s twist. Or, look for a dress that features a dirndl bottom to really play up your feminine side! Click the slideshow to see my favorites.

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NY Design Week 09: ICFF – Have a Seat: Gologorsky, Shibata, and Mink

Justin Gologorsky’s fun, flippable Tumble stool rolls into four configurations.


Eiji Shibata’s Organic Cave Chair for Teko Design is an eye-catching moldmaker’s nightmare.


Matthew Mink’s swoopy Spoon stackable beach chair goes hand in hand with sand.


Use our Essential Guide to NY Design Week 2009 to find the best stuff (Mobile version for your phone too!)

View all of Core77’s New York Design Week 09 coverage


NIN II° by resign

“NIN” is a product born inside the meta-project Resign.Re Sign is “Re-use of signs”, a creative re-combination of signs embedded in wasted..

Top Chef Masters


The new Top chef starts next month. The show is called Top Chef Masters. There is no lovable bear Tom Colicchio or no sexy hotness of Padma Lakshmi. But  it does have Wylie Dufresne as a contestant and thats what will make me watch it!

Alastair Fuad-Luke puts the “Co” in “Collaboration”


I recall a quote from John Thackara that pointedly articulates one of contemporary design’s biggest opportunities (and challenges). He said, in essence: “Whatever you decide to do, don’t do it alone…. We’re all designers now.” The idea of collaboration is nothing new, but truly productive collaborative design for sustainability’s sake is easier said than done. British designer and thinker Alastair Fuad-Luke believes “co-designing,” designing together, makes good sense not just for design’s sake, but as a generative process with the potential to improve markets, economies, societies, and our environments. Fuad-Luke is the author of multiple books on the subject of sustainable design and design activism, and leads workshops on co-designing to teach a process in which each participant is both teacher and student.


Caravaggio Lamp by Alvaro Uribe

Weightless and relaxed the Caravaggio Lamp suspends from the ceiling to provide a gentle glow of white and color light. Made of aluminum and hand blow..

Design-Trolley Bamboo by StyleHiker

The new brand ‘STYLEHIKER’ from Germany is inspired by global mobility and natural ressources. The design-idea of the StyleHiker-Cases is based on old..

DIYthing’s Favorite Designers From The 2009 BKLYN DESIGN Show

image Have you been reading 3Rings lately? This design blog has a host of reviews about the recent exhibitors at the May 2009 BKLYN DESIGN Show in Dumbo. There are lots of great interviews and videos as well. There’s even a piece highlighting one of our favorite Brooklyn designers, Daniel Moyer of Daniel Moyer Designs. 3Rings offers reviews of a range of product designers, from Warp Designs’ Perforated Steel Vases to the delicate lamps of Levent and Romme. We really love the many designers who are using green design principles – check out the fun bamboo plywood furniture from Boo-Coup. Alicita Rodriquez introduced us to two great wallpaper designers – Shanan Campanaro and Jill Malek. Campanaro’s Eskayel line is based on her original artwork. And, Alicita, we agree, Jill Malek’s hand-screen printed wallcoverings are enough to make one swoon. Check out our slideshow to see some of our other favs.

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