How To Survive A Red-Eye Flight And Still Look Good

image In theory, red-eye flights are great for people who don’t want to waste the daytime traveling. It’s definitely handy for those who want to immediately start their day at their destination instead of landing in the afternoon or evening. The first time I ever had a red-eye flight, I was stuck in the middle seat, couldn’t get any sleep, and arrived at my destination with– you guessed it, red eyes. Since my disastrous red-eye, I’ve learned ways to survive and even look good when I arrive. Staying hydrated is key, because nothing is worse than dry skin, chapped lips, and red eyes. While you still cannot bring your own water before the security check point, I like to bring an empty water bottle and ask a flight attendant to fill it up when I’m on the plane. While on the plane, either bring your own blanket and pillow or use the airline’s, plop on an eye mask with cooling gel, and you’ll be amazed at how refreshed you’ll look when you arrive. Check out my slideshow for more red-eye flight survival items from mini lint rollers to multi-tasking makeup!

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Perrier Melting

La société Nestlé Waters vient de lancer la nouvelle campagne print et TV de Perrier par Ogilvy Paris. L’histoire du spot : une ville se liquéfiant sous la chaleur et dans laquelle une jeune femme, assoiffée, cherche une bouteille pour se rafraîchir. Une réalisation de Frédéric Planchon.


Ces trois visuels de Jean-Yves Lemoigne seront affichés pendant Roland-Garros.

Update Your Room’s Look With Just One Piece!

image Maybe it was that furniture design class I took in college, or maybe it was my mom allowing me to re-layout my room every few months, but I love me some small home updates. Whether it’s a simple rearrangement or a bold change, nothing can freshen your outlook faster. I challenged myself to gather a few snazzy, well-designed, conversation pieces of furniture to brighten up a room, all under $450. Imagine giving your bedroom a sense of Old Hollywood glamour simply by placing Target’s Button-Tufted Chaise Settee at an angle. Or spice up your studio with Target’s Small Room Divider in Espresso. It’s a great way to organize some of your media, but also give your room a little more flair. Check out my slideshow for other great room-spicing options!

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Romain Lenancker

Romain Lenancker est un jeune directeur artistique lyonnais travaillant beaucoup à base de sculptures de papier, qui sont ensuite retouchées pour créer affiches, posters ou brochures. Plus d’images à découvrir dans la suite.









James Cameron store, Melbourne by Universal Design Studio


Interior designers Universal Design Studio have completed a ‘pop-up’ store in Melbourne for Australian menswear designer James Cameron. (more…)

NY Design Week 09 Preview: InDisposed


InDisposed, curated by Dan Rubinstein and Jen Renzi, asks 15 thinkers to address the theme of disposability, waste and wastefulness through design. The result is 15 mass-produceable pieces made from sustainable materials with disposability in mind. At the end of the show, each object will be ceremoniously and responsibly disposed of in the manner designed for it.

Participants include: Adrian Kondratowicz, Atema Architecture, Design Glut, Jeff Miller, Kevin Patrick McCarthy, Paul Loebach & Chris Specce, MIO, Redstr Collective & Chris Cao, Carlos Salgado/Scrapile, Situ Studio, So Takahashi, Suzanne Tick, Takeshi Miyakawa, Tobias Wong, Tom Chiu

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May 15-20th, 10am-6pm, closed Sunday
Studio-X, 180 Varick Street, Suite 1610


NY Design Week 09 Preview: Fresh From Brasil!


Objeto Brasil presents the winners of this years IDEA/Brasil Competition at the Fresh From Brasil! exhibition in the Meatpacking District.

Participants Include: Heloisa Crocco, Ciao Mao, GAD’ Branding & Design, Renata Moura Design, Lumini, Deca, Questto Design, Luciana Algarte, Marcelo Sikorski, Noisinho da Silva, Marcos Roismann and Hugo Kovadloff, Havaianas, and Diego Paiva.

Pictured above is the Next Bag by Heloisa Crocco, a polypropylene handbag that can function as, among other things, a shopping bag, a magazine holder, a vase or a beach bag.

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Fresh From Brasil!
The 414 Gallery
414 West 14th Street.
May 15-17, 2009, 11am-8pm
Reception: May 17th, 6-9pm


Polaroid Sale Closes, Full-Scale Global Licensing and Distribution Strategy Begins

dead polaroid.jpgAfter a drawn-out sale of its assets in bankruptcy court, and a glimmer of hope for a turnaround at the hands of private equity firm Patriarch Partners, Polaroid is now officially in the hands of Gordon Brothers Brands and Hilco Consumer Capital, whose other portfolio brands include recent retail-sector casualties The Sharper Image and Linens n’ Things. For $88 million, the liquidation firms acquired the Polaroid brand, along with the company’s intellectual property and inventory. Now it’s onto what Scott Hardy, Polaroid’s newly named president, describes as a “full-scale global licensing and distribution strategy for wholesale, direct-to-retail, and e-commerce businesses.” We’re not exactly sure what that means, but we hope it doesn’t end, à la Pierre Cardin, in Polaroid-brand duty-free cigarettes and tears. In a statement announcing the deal closing, the new owners were enthusiastic about the potential to slap the Polaroid name on everything from digital photo frames to portable DVD players. They also noted their plan to maintain Polaroid’s Minnesota headquarters along with the majority of its Minnesota-based employees.

(Photo: Ritchard Ton. See more of his work on Flickr.)

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  • x CH Special Offer


    Started by brother and sister duo Alexa and James Hirschfeld, the two set out to create a new online service that has made online invitations better through design. PaperlessPost offers a well designed experience to create and manage tastefully designed invitations, including RSVPs and ticketing. Recipients get an envelope in their email that opens when clicked on, unveiling the invitation.

    While not quite the same rush you get from opening a printed invitation, it’s an improvement over the current click-to-disappointment of most digital invitations. The service costs a few cents per invitation, managed by buying books of “stamps,” starting with 60 stamps (for 60 invitations) for only $5—which they remind you is more than $25 in actual postage.

    PaperlessPost is still in limited beta, but Cool Hunting readers can both sign up now and start with a credit of 25 stamps for free (but you have to do so before 19 May 2009).

    We sat down with Alexa and James and asked them a few questions about their new website (click on images for an enlarged view).


    Cool Hunting: I’m sure you and your brother had a lot of ideas when you started thinking about a company to start together. Why Paperless Post? Was there an “a ha” moment?

    Paperless Post: There were a collection of “a ha” moments that lead to Paperless Post. Over the years there were a lot of things we started working on together (like a woefully unfinished screenplay), but this was the most exciting. The idea for Paperless Post was to take the customization and thoughtfulness of printed stationery, which most people only use once or twice in their lives for very special occasions, and make it available widely. We were inspired by the idea of beauty and good design being available to, hopefully, a massive audience.

    CH: What’s it like working together? How do you divide/share responsibilities?

    PP: It’s hard to imagine starting something with anyone else. Arguments happen, but they are great because they always lead to new insights. James directs the content (cards, motifs, fonts, overall aesthetics) and Alexa directs the user interface. We share the responsibility of directing Paperless Post’s future and making the critical decisions that any business faces.


    CH: Many other sites have the same or nearly the same functionality—but good design and experience can make the same product seem entirely new. What role has design played in the development of Paperless Post?

    PP: Good design is the operating principle of almost everything we do. In many ways it drives not only our product line but also the technology. We could never compromise on design, so we’ve ended up finding and partnering with talented developers and business people who can bend and innovate to fit the needs of the product.

    As for the aesthetic, we hope the look of the product is fun and original. A lot of the designs are reflective of our own taste and personalities—a mix of modern and classic. We are making room for more irreverence, but we started out with the basics—beautiful cards, motifs, and fonts that people have never been able to experience online.


    CH: Digital invitations are easier, faster, less expensive and obviously great for the environment. When do you think printed invitations are called for?

    PP: We’re seeing many users use Paperless Post for weddings and surrounding events, so we don’t really know anymore!

    CH: You’re just getting started with the site and obviously it will evolve over time. What are some of the things you’re looking forward to doing with it? Will people be able to upload a photo or a logo for their invites?

    PP: You guys are good at this…there will be a few surprises in the coming months (people should sign up now!). Logos are our next feature, because we’ve found that our users are really excited by that. At this point we have a core group of dedicated early adopters that we communicate with closely and they have helped us pave our way. Photos should come around the end of the year. At this moment in time, we’re really focused on being the best possible application for creating customized online stationery (invitations and announcements).

    CH: What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned about starting Paperless Post?

    PP: Execution is more important than an idea.

    Nienke Sybrandy :: help

    div xmlns=””pI truly enjoy writing posts like these … about a true artist that gives me so much inspiration, new ideas and a new way of looking at things that you so easily take for granted … since the a href=”” target=”_blank”last time I wrote/a about Dutch designer a href=”” target=”_blank”Nienke Sybrandy/a she has created some amazing a href=”” target=”_blank”new work/a for several projects … bra href=”” style=”display: inline;”img alt=”Bladerportretten_NienkeSybrandy” class=”at-xid-6a00d83451e8d469e20115707dffbf970b ” src=”” style=”width: 500px;”/a br’a href=”” target=”_blank”Bladerportretten/a = Leave Portraits’ is the name of this stunning project which I believe a href=”” target=”_blank”Nienke/a does for herself in her own home … every time a leaves falls from her plant she engraves a small face in it, gives it a date tag and places it in a keepsake box … this way a family tree from the plant is being created … unbelievable how real the faces look … a href=”” style=”display: inline;”img alt=”Bloemstilleven_NienkeSybrandy” class=”at-xid-6a00d83451e8d469e201156f8837e4970c ” src=”” style=”width: 500px;”/abrFor a href=”” target=”_blank”InsideDesign 2008 Nienke Sybrandy/a gave a whole new meaning to the word flower-arrangements … she was asked by the people from InsideDesign to turn one of the rooms of the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam into a PlantCabinet … and so she did in her own special way … on the wall you could find this still-live of flowers … print of a flower arrangement in vase and then cut ou from the paper.bra href=”” style=”display: inline;”img alt=”Herbariumvazen_NienkeSybrandy” class=”at-xid-6a00d83451e8d469e20115707dfd47970b ” src=”” style=”width: 500px;”/a brnbsp;Some gorgeous a href=”” target=”_blank”2-dimensional porcelain Herbariumvases/a … find more images a href=”” target=”_blank”right here/a to see how special these vases are …bra href=”” style=”display: inline;”img alt=”Plantenkussens_NienkeSybrandy” class=”at-xid-6a00d83451e8d469e201156f883448970c ” src=”” style=”width: 500px;”/a brand I love these fresh and fun looking flower cushions that don’t need any watering … soon Nienke is going to add them to her online shop, if you are already interested in buying themthen just send a href=”mailto:info%5Bat%5Dnsybrandy%5Bdot%5Dnl” target=”_blank”Nienke an email/a …/ppemstrongspan style=”color: #898a49; font-family: Helvetica;”HELP :: /span/strongspan style=”color: #898a49; font-family: Helvetica;”a href=”” target=”_blank”Nienke/a asked me whether I could help her find somebody in New York who might be interested in showing her designs in a Gallery or if somebody can give her a name of who to contact in New York for a possible review/exhibition of her gorgeous work?? a href=”” target=”_blank”Nienke/a will be so happy if you could help her find the right person …. pleasea href=”mailto:info%5Bat%5Dnsybrandy%5Bdot%5Dnl” target=”_blank” send Nienke an email/a or leave a cmment if you do …/span/em/p/div