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maybe we could set up a trade, california will give iowa some sunshine and shoreline and iowa can give california some balls

– Jessica McCormack



swissmiss turns 4 today!! “Happy blog birthday to you”!

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Skinny Stackable Bracelets For Summer!

image I recently went for a browse at the Swarovski store and found that they had a great selection of bracelets that made me feel like I was visiting Japan. They were sooo adorably cute, it was hard for me to pick just one. I ended up deciding on the gold crystal-encrusted Green Bracelet ($125) because I just loved the little trees sparking in pink and purple and the reversible pink shiny epoxy on the other side. What’s great about it too is that it’s thin and dainty enough to wear with other bracelets and jewelry without having that piled on look. I love the idea of wearing a few different kinds of skinny bracelets all together to make up your own look! For other ideas, I also love the Euphoria Golden Shadow Bracelet, also from Swarovski, and the Lotus Bracelet from Nordstrom for a similar delicate look sans the bling. Check out the Coquette blog for more adorably chic trends for summer!

QR Belt Buckle

The QR Belt Buckle is the geek couture realization of the classic signet ring. Turn your personal contact data, the URL of your website or a personal ..

Hot In The Hive: Marais USA Flats and Sandals

image I’m kinda, sorta really addicted to shoes. I base my outfits around what shoes I want to wear that day. I’ll skip lunch for a week to justify those awesome pumps that I have recently added to my collection. Discovering Marais USA can be likened to finding a new type of the same drug, upping the shoe addiction ante. It’s a sickness and I love it! Marais USA is based out of New York and designed and run by 2 ambitious young women in their early 20’s. Marais USA sells anything from flats to sandals to wedges. When the designers couldn’t find a variety of cute, versatile and chic daytime shoes, they made some themselves! The flats are elegant, the sandals are feminine and the heels are cute and practical. These simple and classic designs come in a whole spectrum of colors from basic black to eye-popping red and many in between. To top it all off, Marais USA is practical on the wallet too! All the shoes are made of either suede or patent leather, making them comfortable and luxurious and they start out at only $52 and all under $80! So for stylish, versatile shoes that boast comfort and long wear, check out Marais USA online and find your favorite style and color today!

Price: $52 – $72
Who Found It: idabone was first to add Cute Shoes from Marais USA to the Hive.

Paul Sika Photography


Cote d’Ivoire-based photographer Paul Sika created the environments in his wonderfully colorful and vibrant African series using actors and carefully staged sets to convey a powerful sense of social narrative and open the doors of imagination.

paul-silka-2.jpg paul-silka-3.jpg

The fashion and advertising photographer lets his ideas flow organically, but in the end his photographs are not left to chance. By creating a script and drawing sketches, Silka can develop his concept until it reaches full maturity.

Read a full interview with Silka at Feature Shoot.

Do you have a big ‘But …’?

I was in sixth grade the first time I saw the movie Pee-wee’s Big Adventure. My friends latched onto the “I know you are but what am I” line from the film, and I quipped “Everyone I know has a big ‘But …’” no fewer than a thousand times.

Sure, the line I often quoted from Pee-wee’s Big Adventure was juvenile, but it was strangely accurate. Everyone I know actually has a big “But …” in their lives:

  • I would get my office organized but [insert excuse].
  • I would ask the kids to help with chores around the house but [insert excuse].
  • I would start exercising but [insert excuse].
  • I would finish this project but [insert excuse].

There are times when excuses are warranted, such as with health issues (I would eat a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup but I won’t since I’m allergic to peanuts). However, most “But …” excuses are purely a resistance to change.

We keep bad habits and clutter in our lives because they’re known quantities. We know what life is like when things are disorderly. Life after a change is different and unfamiliar. It might be better, but we don’t know that from where we are now.

As someone who went from a clutterbug to an unclutterer, I can vouch that life is really greener on the organized side. I have more time and less stress in my life than before. The change was worth it, but making the change was difficult and I know I said my fair share of “But …” excuses as I was going through the process.

So what is your big “But …”? What is keeping you from letting go of your clutter? The next time you catch yourself making an excuse, think about what you’re saying. Is your excuse warranted, or are you just voicing a fear of change?

New Yorker cover drawn on iPhone

The cover of this week’s New Yorker was created using an iPhone app, Brushes, by artist Jorge Colombo.


The drawing was created by Colombo in just an hour, while he stood outside the Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in Times Square. “I got a phone in the beginning of February and I immediately got the programme so I could entertain myself,” says the artist on the New Yorker website, where a film of his process can also be viewed. “Before, unless I had a flashlight or a miner’s hat, I could not draw in the dark.” Colombo also stated that drawing on the phone had the advantage of allowing him to draw without being noticed, although he does mention one drawback of phone painting: that when the sun is up, it is hard to see, “because of the glare on the phone”.


Some of Colombo’s other iPhone drawings are shown below, and more can be viewed on his website, here.







Gotta Getaway? Engage All Your Senses With A Stay At The Five Hotel in Paris!

image Only in Paris would you be able to find a hotel that is modern, chic, cozy and quaint all at once. If you’re planning a trip to Paris, check out The Five Hotel. Located in the hip and happening Latin Quarter, The Five Hotel is within walking distance from great shopping and restaurants, as well as many must-see sightseeing locations. The night life in the Latin Quarter is famous and a great place for tourists to mingle with the local crowd. It’s not just the great location and nearby attractions that make The Five Hotel such a great choice, though. The Five Hotel is a sparkling gem that engages all five of your senses for the ultimate sensory stay. First, you choose a scent from 5 fragrance choices that will be used in your room. Your sense of touch is used through all the plush velvet and carpeting, slick ceramic stoneware and Chinese lacquer. Being in Paris, you taste buds are obviously going to enjoy the delicious French foods and pastries that are provided at The Five Hotel, especially their mouth-watering breakfasts featuring wonderful, crusty Viennese breads and buns from the famous Monge bakery, washed down with tea or coffee from the Mariage Freres brand with its unique flavors. The interior decorations and unique usage of lighting causes the place to shimmer and sparkle with optic fibre lights and star-studded ceilings, light sculptures and luminous glass desks that excite and please the eye. Lastly, your hearing is given a break in this quiet, secluded hotel that boasts double-glazed windows, producing a truly peaceful and restful environment. Check out the slideshow for more pics of The Five Hotel and book a room today!

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