Pluto is a planet again – at least in Illinois


The Illinois State Senate says Pluto was “unfairly downgraded” to dwarf planet status. In the rest of the world Pluto lost its planetary status in 2006. However, the state senate has decided it is still a planet- at least in Illinois.

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Balance Salt and Pepper Stack

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alt= //ppThese are so smooth and appealing that I want to just put them in my mouth. Sort of like baby hands or puppy paws. The salt and pepper shakers sit on top in zen-like meditation and the bottom is a dish to hold the gravy of your soul. Nothing like the drippings of the spirit to spice up a bland meal. |via a href=|br //p

Type Tuesday: interactive poster

Poster by Daniel Harding and Tomás Celizna. The design changes as people tear away pages from each quadrant. {via Many Stuff}

Type Tuesday: Francesca Biasetton

See more of Francesca Biasetton’s work her Flickr and portfolio.

YouYou Shop Opening

Giovedì 12 marzo siete tutti precettati dalle 18 alle 22 da YouYou shop a Torino!
Lo store rimesso a nuovo presenterà la nuova collezione Staff4You Vol.2 con live painting by P0na, music and food…da milano organizziamo un bus partenza da piazza castello!

YouYou Shop Opening

Hand and Heart Soap Set

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alt= //ppIf the world doesn’t take care of you, then you’ve got to take care of yourself. With this soap set it’s easy to lather yourself up in self-love. Much better than the lesser-quality self-loathing soap in the hand set./p

RSS feeds: A primer

rss-iconIf you don’t know what an RSS feed is, then this post is for you. RSS is an abbreviation for Really Simple Syndication. It is a useful way for internet users to compile loads of information all in one place.

The advantage of using RSS feeds is that they are updated in real time so you know when a site you regularly visit is updated with new content. If you find yourself visiting the same sites over and over again, you may want to add those sites to your RSS aggregator. An RSS aggregator is an online tool that keeps track of all of the websites that you want to read.

This is how I explained it to my mom, “An RSS feed aggregator is kind of like an email inbox for your favorite websites. When a website you’d like to follow is updated, you receive a notice in your ‘inbox.’”

So how do you go about tracking your favorite sites via RSS feeds? Well, step one is to choose an RSS feed reader. Here are some options:

Google Reader: This is a web based aggregator that is very popular and easy to use. You need a Google user account to access the service, but it’s free. Once you’ve set up your account and added your favorite feeds, you can group your feeds by categories.

NewsGator: This service has options for both Windows (Feed Demon) and Mac (NetNewsWire) and they have a very informative video to get you started.

Ensembli: This is a newer aggregator that claims to work with you and over time learns what interests you. From their site:

The more you read, discard, or even ignore the stories Ensembli finds, the more it’ll be able to locate the stories that you’ll really like. Just to be extra clever, as your tastes change, Ensembli will be able to automagically keep up with you!

Bloglines: Bloglines has a tagline I like, “It’s the same internet minus the clutter.” It is also web based, like Google Reader. You can learn more about Bloglines here.

After you have chosen your aggregator, you can start adding your favorite sites that you’d like to track. You can easily do this by clicking on a site’s feed button. The RSS feed icon is like the orange image in the top of this post. Simply click on a site’s RSS icon and you will then see the feed link in your browser’s address bar. You can then add that link to your aggregator.

Once your aggregator is set up, don’t forget to check it to read all your updates. Just be sure to add Unclutterer’s feed to your list. Or, if you’ve been reading Unclutterer for more than a year, check out our RSS feed without the A Year Ago posts. When you become a savvy RSS feed reader, you might feel comfortable creating customized feeds using Yahoo! Pipes.

Prada Transformer by OMA/Rem Koolhaas


Prada Transformer, a portable, shape-shifting cultural pavilion designed by Office for Metropolitan Architecture/Rem Koolhaas, will make its first appearance in Seoul, Korea next month. (more…)

Vintage Fashionistas Are Tickled Pink!

Ah, pink! It’s a color associated with Mattel’s Barbies, Mary Kay’s cadillacs and little girls everywhere. But did you know that between the 1920s and 1940s, it was blue that was considered dainty and delicate and appropriate for girls and that pink was considered to be the more masculine color appropriate for boys! Sometime in the 1940s, societal norms shifted and now pink is back and bigger than ever! Neiman Marcus called pink one of this season’s Top Trends so we can expect to see big and little girls alike strutting their stuff in cerise, fuchsia, magenta, and flamingo shades. And these powerful pink colors have a way of saying “Yes, I’m feminine but I also mean business!” So click the slideshow for some fab vintage finds that will tickle you pink!

slideshow (5876)

Store Front

Se volete fare un tuffo nella vecchia NYC attraverso le storiche o dimenticate vetrine degli stores, correte a prendervi il libro ‘Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York‘. Buono anche per ispirazioni grafiche 😉 Edito da ginkopress, nelle migliori librerie di non so ancora quale stato!

Store Front