Alexander Henry at Volksfaden


I just spotted this stunning piece of fabric by Alexander Henry over at Volksfaden and thinking what you can do with it … create a pillow, make a wall-hanging or frame it … I also liked this one and this one

Marketplace ads

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Jennifer Juniper

A common experience for many Jennifers. {image courtesy Jen Renninger} The print files have been sent!

See It Split, See It Change

by Brian Rigney Hubbard

In this Capsule Video, we visit NYC’s latest subway installation by the artist-twins Doug and Mike Starn. The duo explains the rhizomatic tree-subway connection of the site-specific work and the process of printing their imagery onto the tiles.

Lockwasher Design

Check out his Flickr portfolio.

–> A Time to Get

New Wood Focused Furniture


Our friends over at Fast Company have put together a nice roundup of contemporary furniture, all executed in wood. These clean, simple designs allow the wood to really stand out for its natural beauty. Our favorite is the Zipshape I chaise lounge by SchindlerSalemerón, which unlike most wood chairs is actually two pieces cut by a router and fitted together instead of one whole piece steamed and bent into shape.

Read more at Fast Company.

100 Minutes Of Havana


If the Sharks and the Jets had been armed with paintbrushes, they may have ended up in a battle like 100 Minutes Of Havana, an art duel at Village Underground that pits two teams of acclaimed artists against each other in race to see who can create the best wall mural in 100 minutes.

Sponsored by Havana Club rum, the beguiling competition is set in motion by design studio Intercity and Secret Wars art battle proponent Monorex. Equipped with nothing more than colored acrylics and Edding pens, the artists will show their skills as they celebrate Cuban culture and street art on the 40ft wide wall.

A projection of the above logo will be used as the timer, with each circle representing one minute. The end results will be judged by a panel of experts in addition to the crowd vote, which will be a measurement of decibels. Both murals will be on display at the East London venue from 5-10 March, alongside key pieces from the 100 Pieces of Havana exhibition.

100 Minutes of Havana

Village Underground

4 March 2009, 7pm

London EC2A 3PQ map

tel. +44 0207 426 0616

Arnold von Wedemeyer: Maelzel’s Raum


“Maelzel’s Raum” [on-time, still life II], by the German video artist Arnold von Wedemeyer, is the second in a series of three video explorations into the classical form of painting popularized in the 17th and 18th centuries. Exhibited by Galerie Anita Beckers at PULSE Miami 2008, the seven and a half minute video is a masterful treatment—the result of a computer generated environment being “photographed” over the duration of several weeks. Each frame (click above for expanded views) is highly detailed, and rendered in full high definition. The moving still life presents the viewer with a near imperceptible shift in the environs: a rose blossom eventually wilts, fruit decays and attracts flies, a chess game unfolds, all the while a metronome beats on the second.

The work is inspired by Johann Nepomuk Maelzel, an inventor and constructor living at the beginning of the 19th century, who worked on creating illusions by means of technology (he was also considered the inventor of the portable metronome). In creating this near lifelike representation through computer renderings, von Wedemeyer serves up his own illusion while injecting the still life with new relevance.

AIGA Winterhouse Awards for Design Writing Criticism


Tired of reading about design? Well, maybe your should start writing about it. Yup, it’s that time again when Winterhouse calls upon all you design thinkers out there to put fingers to keyboard and come up with some hot, juicy, illuminating, provocatating (okay, that’s not a real word, so I’m OUT!) design discourse. Here are the deets (that’s not one either):

The AIGA Winterhouse Awards for Design Writing & Criticism seek to increase the understanding and appreciation of design, both within the profession and throughout American life. A program of AIGA, these annual awards have been founded by Jessica Helfand and William Drenttel of the Winterhouse Institute to recognize excellence in writing about design and encourage the development of young voices in design writing, commentary and criticism.

Ten grand for the top prize (that could work out to a decent dollars-per-word), plus a 1K student prize (that could treat your entire dorm to pizza); Last year’s winners are here.

This year’s judges are William Drenttel, Rick Poyner, Alice Rawsthorn, and Michael Sorkin, so you’re in good hands. Well, your words are.


Le Corbusier: The Art of Architecture


Easily regarded as one of the most adroit architects of 20th century, Le Corbusier was a relentless designer, urban planner and writer dedicated to industrializing almost every city he came across.

This spring The Barbican — London’s colossal multi-arts venue — is hosting an all-encompassing showcase of Le Corbusier’s work, a survey which will include an abundance of original models, interior settings, drawings, furniture, photographs, films, tapestries, paintings, sculpture and books designed and written by the architect himself. More of a celebration than an exhibition, the festivities include concerts, films, guest speakers and a photo competition all in his honor.

le-corbusier-house.jpg le-corbusier-chair.jpg

The Art of Architecture

19 February-24 May 2009

Barbican Art Gallery

Silk Street

London EC2Y 8DS map

tel. +44 020 7638 4141