Recession Chic: 10 Must-Have Messenger Bags Under $75!

image If your lengthy list of resolutions has so far only amounted to a big 2010 FAIL, it may not be entirely your fault. Sometimes when you get too ambitious with your start-of-the-year goals, your plans can contradict each other. For example, it’s hard to spend more quality time with your family while still leaving sufficient time for the gym. And it’s nearly impossible to be stylish, stay organized, and keep yourself on a budget all at the same time. Or is it? I’m here to let you know that you can confidently throw that beat-up old backpack in the trash — there are more fashionable alternatives for staying neat and organized on the go for work or school. Keep your laptop safe and close at hand with a messenger bag from Target (only $24.99!), or if you’d prefer something a little more versatile, this messenger backpack from Urban Outfitters can be used for anything from school to a celebratory post-work happy hour (yes, you can still go out on a budget too!). Browse the slideshow for more of my favorite cute carry-alls at recession-friendly costs!

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Label Love: Shakuhachi Keeps It Luxe Yet Laid-back

image Fashionistas hailing from the land down under may have long-since been fans of label Shakuhachi, founded by Aussie native Jessie White, but seeing how far the collection has come from its humble t-shirt line roots, it’s no wonder that that it’s gaining increasing popularity among stateside style mavens. While the latest looks include nearly everything but the kitchen sink — mesh minis, metallic shoulder-padded dresses, and floaty off-the-shoulder frocks — the collection still somehow manages to give a cohesive shout-out to its laid-back beachy origins. With an emphasis on loose fits balanced by feminine details like lace, sequins, and florals, the Spring/Summer 2010 collection seems to pay homage to the modern pin-up girl with cutout details, retro stripes, and cropped tees… not to mention a little boho flair and Asian inspiration thrown into the mix too. With such a variety of designs and details to choose from, both flirty and funky, Shakuhachi covers all its bases with looks you can take to the beach and on the town. Check the slideshow for some of my favorite pieces from their latest collection!

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Start The New Year By Spoiling Yourself At The Royal Hawaiian Resort!

image How do you say luxury in Hawaiian? Mae e ho’ohiwahiwa ai ka noho ‘na. But while that may be a mouthful, finding a Hawaiian example of luxury is simple — just look to The Royal Hawaiian Resort. Located on Waikiki Beach, Starwood’s 529-room “Pink Palace of the Pacific” takes its cues from its luscious natural surroundings, as well as the history and culture of the island. Marvel at the property’s 1920s Moorish architecture, lounge in a beachfront cabana, sip a tropical cocktail at its oceanside Mai Tai Bar, or try an alfresco massage in the garden, courtesy of the on-site Abhasa Spa. And don’t miss ‘Ah ‘Aina, the Royal Hawaiian’s weekly dinner and show featuring local cuisine along with dancers and musicians telling the story of Waikiki. Aloha, indeed! Click “See Video” for a virtual tour, then check out what else the islands have to offer at Modern Luxury!

HauteMimi Finds A Laptop Tote That’s Actually Stylish!

image I love a good clutch, but a stylish clutch that’s created to cradle my laptop? Now that is divine. I am all over this new laptop clutch named “Colette” by the stylish laptop bag maker J’Tote. It comes in 3 chic colors including black, pewter and navy blue and can hold laptops that are up to 14″. I personally have the Colette in black and I find that I can fit my Blackberry, wallet and makeup bag along with my hp mini. The envelope-style clutch is the new way to carry your laptop around town. Perfect for editors as well as fashionistas on the go! Get yours here.

Hot In The Hive: Urban Decay Rocks

image As a big fan of Urban Decay for all my more indulgent beauty buys (glittery eyeliner, purple opalescent eyeshadow…), it came as no surprise to discover that the brand has recently released their own collection of stick-on crystals to bling out your makeup look! The Urban Decay Rocks kit comes with 24 tiny crystals (in gold, silver, and iridescent) and brush-on lash glue for easy bedazzling. Use on the outer and/or inner corners of your eyes, on your nails, or even along cheekbones if you’re feeling especially Lady GaGa-esque. While it’s certainly a bold beauty move, it’s a fun way to jazz up your New Year’s look — all you need is the confidence to pull it off and a steady hand!

Price: $18
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Hot In The Hive: Ice Cream Bench

image I have to admit that it’s a little too cold for ice cream even though I know plenty of people who love to enjoy a sundae on a chilly day. Most people love ice cream, but like any indulgence the high calorie count can catch up to the best of us. That’s why the Ice Cream Bench is so cool (hah, get it?). The solid foam bench features “chocolate” seat cushions covered in canvas and “vanilla” ice cream center covered with velvet. Ok, the price tag might buy you more than a couple edible ice cream sandwiches, but wouldn’t this bench be darling in a kids’ room or even as a perfect seat in a reading nook?

Price: $950
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Karmaloop Introduces Cassius Eyewear!

image Cassius Eyewear is now available at! Super cool sunglasses brand Cassius caters to the ultimate fashionista. Oversized, lightweight and comfortable, these glasses are form-fitting and sit fantastically on the face. They bring an element of class and sophistication to your look with their great shapes and vintage feel. Styles to look out for are The Maher, The Gehry, The Lautner and The Nouvel. Get yours at

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Keep Your Noggin Warm With Our Top 10 Earmuffs And Berets

image If you’ve ever visited or lived in a big city, then you know that there are a variety of characters one can encounter on the streets. My way of avoiding most of the unsavory individuals out there is to put on big headphones and blast some Lady Gaga. That way, my ears are warm and I avoid being bothered. But there are times when I don’t feel like listening to music AND I’m freezing to death. That’s where a nice pair of earmuffs and a chic beret come in. Earmuffs can be made with anything from cozy cashmere to faux fur. You can wear them with the slouchy berets I’ve found and if you don’t want to do double duty, just pull down the beret to cover your ears! I’m in love with the Oversized Button Beret found at Free People. For earmuffs, my choice would be a pair of Unisex Ear Muffs from American Apparel. Check out my slideshow to see all the goodies that will keep your ears and head toasty.

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The Reluctant Givers’ Gift Guide

image Everyone has ’em: people who you’d prefer to send a gag to rather than a gift. The busybody mother-in-law. The frenemy who’s somehow firmly entrenched in your crew of friends. The jerky coworker you happen to draw in the Secret Santa pool at the office. Or maybe it’s the awkwardness that comes along with gifting someone you’ve just started dating. Manners dictate that you not overlook them on your holiday list yet how do you shop for people who, plain and simple, are unavoidable thorns in your side when it comes to gift giving? I recently attended celebrity stylist Robert Verdi’s guide to holiday gifting event, and got some inspired ideas for those one or two difficult someone specials that fall on everyone’s list. Check out the slideshow for suggested gifts and tips!

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Hot In The Hive: Jane Iredale chocohoLICKS Lip Glosses

image My first foray into lip products was way back when I young enough to reach for the Bonne Bell Lip Smackers. My favorite flavor to this day is Strawberry Kiwi! But somewhere between the start of teenage angst and graduating from college, I’ve since graduated to more “mature” lip products. I still miss the flavored lip glosses of my youth though. As luck would have it, Jane Iredale has a lip product that combines 100% all natural ingredients with flavors my sweet tooth loves. The box comes with 4 lip glosses that will send any chocolate lover straight to heaven. Flavors include: Truffle, Chocolate Orange, Strawberry Cream, and Caramel. They even come packaged like a box of chocolates. Gift them to your best friends or save them for yourself. Just don’t take a spoon to them!

Price: $44
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