Zhi Tea Of The Month Club


All tea comes from the same plant, Camellia sinensis, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a wide variety of sub-species, different blends and flavors. Zhi Tea of Austin, Texas has dozens of flavors of tea, from a plum oolong that actually has the pleasant tartness of plums to a chocolate chai that doesn’t taste like watery hot cocoa.

Zhi offers gourmet organic varieties in black, green, white and oolong. There are also a variety of herbal blends from Turkish Spice Mint to Egyptian Chamomile.

These blends are easily ordered from the online store. Or for those that are overwhelmed by the choices, there’s a Tea of the Month Club, which will deliver a new variety each calendar month over a six to twelve month span.

Unitasker Wednesday: Japanese face slimmer

face_slimmerAll Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

Have you always wanted to wear a hockey mask for hours a day, like Jason does in the Friday the 13th movies? If you have, AND you want a more slim face, then the Japanese Face Slimmer may be the perfect product for you. Sure, you may terrify small children, but isn’t that really part of the plan? Fear and a slimmer face — maybe this isn’t a unitasker after all!

I’m not exactly sure how the face slimming actually works (crushes your bones? causes you to sweat so much you become dehydrated?), but don’t let things like “doubt” stop you from ordering this attractive item. You’ll be all the rage at the grocery store, your son’s little league practice, and driving down the road being chased by the cops!

Sorry Mom


Sorry Mom is a site about dates that this girl has gone on. Some are funny some are just sad and lonely.

At-home vision corrective surgery

pimg src=http://www.productdose.com/images/products/draft_5107.gif
alt= //ppIf this product is real (and I think it might be) then it is the most irresponsible consumer good I’ve ever seen. There are just too many stupid people out there to actually try and fix their own eyesight and will be giving this doodad a try. It uses ultrasonic waves to massage your vision to 20/20. I think a fork in the eye would be equally effective. |via a href=http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/diy-laser-eye-surgery-how-to-lose-an-eye-101Trendhunter/a|br //p

Cheap Valentine’s Day Gifts That Won’t Break Their Heart…Or The Bank

With our economy going through a recession, who really has the money to splurge for Valentine’s day this year? Usually our heads are geared towards a dozen long-stemmed roses, something platinum from Tiffany’s, or a box of the most decadent chocolates that cost more than dinner. What to do when our pocketbooks just don’t accommodate this game anymore? Don’t not fret just yet, Stylehive is highlighting frugal quality finds for every kind of heart. Rocker chick? Vintage queen? Hopeless romantic? We’ve got gift ideas under $30 to satisfy any of these tastes. Cut out your Starbucks intake for a week, and brew your morning latte at home. Voila, magically the funds to purchase your Valentine’s day gifts are available to spend! Check out my slideshow to view some of these hot, thrifty finds.

slideshow (5672)

Burrill at Colette

Anthony Burrill is a busy man. Having only just installed an exhibition with Michael Marriott at Mother’s London offices, he’s now popped over to Paris to put up this show at fancy concept store Colette.

The exhibition follows Burrill’s previous collaboration with Colette, where he created temporary windows for the store last summer when it was being refurbished. Burrill decided that he wanted the show to be a contrast with the show at Mother, which is constructed mostly from wood. “I thought about what I wanted to make and knew it had to be bright, shiny and colourful,” he says. “The store is very busy, full of glittering objects, I had to make something that would stand out. I have always wanted to use perspex, the intensity of the colour and shiny manufactured smooth surface fit well with the super simple images I’ve been developing.”

“The body of work is called Geometry in Nature,” he continues. “I like the idea of making something that depicts nature out of a completely unnatural material. I tried to strip down the imagery to its simplest forms – circles, triangles, lines. I used a simple palette of basic colours. The background for all the pictures is black, I wanted the colours to stand out as much as possible. The prints that support the perspex pictures in the show are all monochrome, I decided that the prints couldn’t compete with the intensity of the perspex colours, so made them all black and white. I think it looks tres chic!”

Burrill’s exhibition will be on show at Colette until February 28. More info on Burrill’s work can be found here.

Plug & Play by Felix Stark

Power socket mp3 player/speaker.No cable, no mains adapter, just plug & Play!

Scheef Stackable Shelves

pimg src=http://www.productdose.com/images/products/draft_5117.gif
alt= //ppThis stackable shelves concept from a href=http://www.scheefdesign.nl/Scheef Design/a makes me woozy. br //p

Photographer Michael Lavine


New York-based photographer Michael Lavine took the iconic photo of Kurt and Courtney for the cover of Sassy magazine back in the early 1990s.

When asked to recount the story behind the shoot he comments, “we shot the photos at my Bleeker St loft on the Bowery. I remember that my friends Andrea Linett and Janet Billig were there. I remember the ridiculous twelve foot silk lighting setup I used. I remember people having to go out and score dope. I remember Kurt telling me that the reason that he loved Courtney so much was that she was the only girl he knew that would stand up at a party and smash a glass table to bits just for the hell of it. I remember thinking that was a pretty odd reason to love someone.”

There are more examples of Michael Lavine‘s work along with an extensive interview at Feature Shoot . It’s well worth a look.

Paula Scher to Talk at Society of Publication Designers Event

Our pals at the Society of Publication Designers have teamed up with the one an only Paula Scher from Pentagram for a retrospective of her work and a conversation with the legendary designer on February 10th at the Kate Murphy Amphitheater on 27th Street and Seventh Ave. in New York. If you haven’t seen Scher talk in person, you owe it to yourself to go. And if you need all the more reason, check out this thirty-second promo video they put together for the event, highlighting the billions of projects Scher has created over the years (though a quick note: you should probably look away if you start getting dizzy or are easily prone to seizures):

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