Outside-the-Box Thinking: A Naturally Backlit Monitor

High school student Louis Huang has invented, and successfully crowdfunded, a naturally backlit monitor. Aimed at those who suffer from eye strain, the 24″, 1080p Eazeye monitor features a translucent screen and a reflective panel that folds outwards from the back. This reflects ambient light through the screen, providing the nits.

“By being lit directly from the environment, Eazeye’s display is akin to viewing an E-paper display,” writes the IndieGogo campaign.

In addition to being easier on the eyes, the Eazeye only requires 4 watts of power; for scale, a 24″ offering from LG draws 30 watts.

If you’re wondering how a high school student managed to set up a production line, the only answer I have—in addition to moxie–is that Huang is based in Hong Kong, so there’s nearby hi-tech manufacturers.

The Eazeye runs USD $549, and at press time there was 34 days left to pledge.

If you’re interested in a real-world review, Loz Blain over at New Atlas tested out a pre-production model and wrote up an extensive review.

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