Objects that Remind Me of an ID Student's Desk

I like these objects a lot, not because I think these are strong designs (I don’t), but because they remind me so much of design school. These recall things you’d see on an ID student’s desk in the studio, made purely for themselves and not to fulfill an assignment, and made out of whatever scrap parts were available.

A headphone stand made with what appear to be wood off-cuts and steel scrap:

This one made using copper pipe:

An an adjustable-height model:

This adjustable-angle tablet stand:

There’s a sort of cobbled-together purity to them; “Form follows function, in the fifteen free minutes I have to make these out of scraps.”

The Etsy seller who makes these is prolific, offering over 150 objects, most of them distinct, for sale. Browsing through them, a lot of them remind me of the initial mock-ups an ID student would make to rough out the form, and I’m grateful for the flashback.

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