NOWN's 3D-knitted products combine sound absorption and sustainable design

Light reception area covered in NOWN materials

Promotion: architectural product manufacturer NOWN has developed a number of 3D-knitted products for architectural specifiers looking for sustainable acoustic surfaces.

The NOWN team is made up of designers, engineers, creators and architects working together to create materials that can be applied to walls and ceilings with the aim of creating stylish and transformative spaces. The products are designed in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where the brand is headquartered.

Light reception area covered in NOWN materials
NOWN manufactures 3D-knitted materials with sound-absorbing qualities

“Detail-oriented precision and an unrelenting pursuit of quality underpin NOWN’s philosophy,” said the brand. “At NOWN, materials aren’t merely employed – they are harnessed and explored.”

One example is the 3D knitted polyester material named InfiKnit, which has a 3D texture and sound-absorbing qualities designed to reduce and control reverberations.

Commercial interior with blue sound absorbing ceiling panels
The InfiKnit panels can be applied to walls or ceilings

Suitable for interior spaces such as assembly halls and conference rooms, InfiKnit produces 0.1 per cent waste in its manufacturing process and is fully recyclable, according to the brand.

The 3D-knitted material is available in a range of colours and four 3D textured pattern collections, which are intended to provide acoustically pleasing interiors.

InfiKnit 3D-knitted wall panels by NOWN
InfiKnit comes in a selection of four textured patterns

“Juxtaposing industry-leading knitting technology with time-tested architectural manufacturing techniques, InfiKnit is a toolkit for designers that softens, expands, absorbs, and transforms spaces,” said NOWN.

“Infiknit’s material and unique 3D texture reduces the impact of noise from everyday annoyances like ringing, typing and chatter, resulting in a more pleasant and productive environment.”

Large interior space with mezzanine decorated in sound absorbing panels
The brand’s sound-absorbing materials can be applied to a range of spaces

According to NOWN, the manufacturing of InfiKnit consumes 95 per cent less water than other textile furnishings.

“By integrating InfiKnit with your design, you choose a production process that supports a better and greener future for our planet,” said the brand.

“InfiKnit 3D knitted yarns offer unparalleled flexibility, enabling innovative designs that can adapt and transform spaces beyond imagination.”

NOWN sound absorbing ceiling panels above a stairway
Soft Sound is made from PET plastic

InfiKnit wall and ceiling panels are installed on a grid system and can be combined with NOWN’s Soft Sound material backing for added acoustic performance.

According to NOWN, Soft Sound is made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic, up to 60 per cent of which is sourced from recycled content.

Tesla showroom with graphic perforated facade by NOWN
NOWN’s Graphic Perf panels were customised for a Tesla showroom facade

Other materials created by NOWN include the perforated Graphic Perf panels – a custom variation of which was applied to a Tesla showroom in California.

For the project, Michael W Folonis Architects customised the Graphic Perf panels to create a patterned, curved facade that filters sunlight.

Tesla showroom with graphic perforated facade by NOWN
Graphic Perf has a perforated patterned surface

As part of its commitment to reducing carbon emissions, NOWN is the exclusive architectural partner of German brand Made Of Air to develop carbon-negative materials, meaning the material sequesters more carbon dioxide than it emits.

“Carbon-negative materials go beyond traditional sustainability by actively removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere,” said NOWN. “These materials contribute to achieving carbon neutrality and combating climate change.”

NOWN aims to create products with patterns that “look hard to grasp but are in reality very simple to install”.

NOWN’s 3D knitted yarns “offer unparalleled flexibility”

In 2023 NOWN rebranded itself from Arktura due to the need to adapt to a European market.

“In Europe, every culture is rich and challenging, meaning that NOWN’s team had to adapt and create a different business culture to integrate itself in the architecture and design field in order to thrive within the European Market,” said NOWN.

“Partnering and collaborating with NOWN means finding the right solution that will fit your next design and project, be that creating something from scratch or adapting one of their standard products to fit within your design,” said the brand.

To view more of NOWN’s materials and process, visit its website.

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