Not So Baby Blue Make-Up Choices!

imageThe fall transition is bittersweet. One the one hand, it’s time to take advantage of new fall clothing and makeup trends, and on the other hand, you’re giving up sweet, glorious summer! Transitional clothing is difficult — but the make up sure can be fun! I recommend going for some more electric blue in your eye and nail palette! The brights will give you just a little bit of lift, and the blow will definitely be softened when you switch to navy nail shades for true fall. I love the MakeUp Forever Glitters in Metallic Blue for a vampy, going out on the town look. Mixing the gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent Tresor d’Afrique palette for eyes will definitely soften the electric blue for daytime, but you’ll still have a kick. For the nails, you definitely can’t go wrong with OPI shades, especially Blue My Mind. Check out my slideshow for more ways to electrify your transition makeup!

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