New water purifying straw.

Drinking water straight from the tap may be OK in Sweden, but it could definitely get you into big trouble in many other places. Buying bottled water may be easy in many places, but there are surely a lot of places in this world where that is not yet an option. So, what do you do? Use water purifying tablets? Sure, but the taste… Perhaps a better idea is getting a water purifier like the iStraw, here. There are several different products available that does more or less the same thing (see the list of links below). The iStraw is a lightweight polycarbonate straw that boasts its own internal filtration system. Most contaminants found in water are removed thanks to the micro-filtration process employed by the iStraw, and would be an essential item to bring along on your the next camping trip. The iStraw is capable of filtering up to 500 liters (132 US Gallons) of water before a replacement is needed. It retails for GBP 20:- (about USD 40:-).brbr

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