New toilet with built-in freshener.

We suppose you have seen, and perhaps used, some of those little plastic containers with perfume and (possibly) some sort of disinfectant in your toilet. You’re supposed to hang them over the edge of the toilet and every time you flush it should dispense a small amount of freshness into the water. They usually don’t look so good after a while. Now, however, there’s a new idea on the market, that makes the perfume tablet invisible. It’s called Fresh WC and the smart part is integrating the whole thing into the flushing mechanism. The freshening block is about the size of a pencil, and it’s loaded into its dispenser inside the toilet via an opening just under the flushing button. As long as the water comes out blue, the tablet is fine, when the water goes clear it needs a refill. So far the Fresh WC innovation is available in two toilet models – the IFÖ Sign and the IDO Seven D.brbr

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