New lancing device promises to reduce pain.

Most, if not all, lancers or auto injectors works by jamming a spring loaded needle into your skin to draw blood or inject drugs. This creates several problems, one of them is that the cutting depth cannot be adjusted and that the wound tract is quickly contracted often causing a bleeding under the skin. (fig b). Many, particularly children, also think the pinprick is uncomfortable and downright painful. A new device, the Pelikan Sun lancing device, promises to remedy this. By pushing the lancet into the skin, stopping it, and pulling it out in a controlled motion over about one second, no sudden trauma that causes pain should occur. Also the wound canal does not close immediately, making the blood sample easier to collect without squeezing (fig a). A microprocessor controls the entire operation and determines how deep the cut should be. The device is available in the US, Germany, Spain, Australia, and New Zealand. If your insurance does not cover the expense it is about ca USD 200:-. The cost of the disposable lancets should of course be added. brbr

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