Nelly Furtado Explores Her Fashion Mishaps On MTV’s “What Were U Thinking?”

imageWe all have a few outfits we’ve worn in the past that, when confronted with the pictures, makes us want to burn every piece that went into the outfit along with all the photos in a big evidence-ridding bonfire. Who hasn’t scrolled through photos of themselves on Facebook and with a quick click of the “remove tag” button thought, “What was I thinking?!” Luckily for us non-famous folk, our fashion mishaps and momentary lapses of judgment aren’t printed on every newsstand tabloid, paraded on national television, or discussed in Twitter trending topics. On MTV’s web series, “What Were U Thinking?” famous fashionistas like Kim Kardashian and Kristin Cavallari get a chance to defend their style choices, give praise to designers, make fun of their own faux pas, and provide us insight into some of their biggest “WWUT?” moments (for example, was Nelly’s “I’m Like a Bird” get-up for real?!). Click “See Video” to watch the show’s most recent guest, Nelly Furtado, dish on her favorite funky wardrobe highs and lows, then click over to the show’s official site to see past guests’ episodes and the show’s October 12th finale with “Twilight’s” Ashley Greene.
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