Native Union’s snap-on MagSafe Power Bank gives your iPhone an extra 5000mAh battery

The great thing about phones is their ability to do a whole multitude of tasks. The terrible thing about them is that they discharge at the most inconvenient time, and suddenly you’re left with 5% battery and no charger or charging point in sight. The wireless MagSafe power bank was designed for pretty much this occasion, allowing you to quickly snap a device onto the back of your phone for extra juice… and while Apple’s own MagSafe Power Bank isn’t on the shelves anymore, the (Re)Classic from Native Union does the job remarkably well. Measuring just .086cm thick (that’s as thick as your iPhone), the (Re)Classic attaches to your iPhone’s back (or any smartphone with the MagSafe sticker), letting you easily and wirelessly charge your phone. The slim design merges right into your iPhone’s profile, so you don’t have to contend with a bulky power bank that makes handling your phone difficult.

Designer: Native Union

Touted to be Native Union’s slimmest power bank ever, the (Re)Classic packs a cool 5000mAh battery that matches the one inside your iPhone, giving you a full 100% worth of extra charge to pull you through the day or even through a weekend with moderate phone use. 15W of wireless charging gets your phone juiced at the fastest wireless charging speed possible, and if that doesn’t satisfy you, plugging your phone into the power bank’s USB-C port bumps up charging speeds to 20W. The (Re)Classic supports pass-through charging too, which means you can charge the power bank WHILE it’s charging your phone or any other device.

Notably, though, it’s Native Union’s design choices that make the (Re)Classic such a nifty pick. Unlike most power banks that have housing made from either plastic or metal, the (Re)Classic opts for Yatay™, a premium plant-based leather alternative made in Italy. The vegan leather feels just as premium and comfortable as regular leather while giving your power bank a distinctly different aesthetic from the plastic ones you’d find online, or the fancy metal ones that can often give your phone an industrial aesthetic which many may not like.

The Yatay-leather power bank works directly with your phone, or even complements Native Union’s own cases, which have a similar design language. LED lights on the (Re)Classic’s body let you know how much battery your power bank has, and Native Union even ships one of their top-selling braided charging cables along with each $69.99 (Re)Classic Power Bank.

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